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Photo of avert for 20 - 21 september 2014 climate mobilisation

This September, world leaders are coming to New York City to talk about how to address the climate crisis. This is a crucial moment; we’re at a crossroads where we need real action, not words.

On the weekend 19 - 21 September, we’ll organise local events and actions to send a clear message to world leaders: we need to break free from the shackles of the fossil fuel industry in order to address the climate crisis. Divestment now!

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Giant carbon bubbles spread warning about fossil fuel investments around Oxford

14 Jun 2014 Climate Change
Students with Obama facemasks hold banner in front of RBS central branch

This week, US president Barack Obama acknowledged what Fossil Free student campaigners, climate scientists and financial analysts have been saying all along. The vast majority of known fossil fuel reserves must be kept underground to avoid a climate crisis

12 Jun 2014 Climate Change
2010 Buy Right Durham Naked Action2

Durham University have affiliated to the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) after a campaign by students from People & Planet

4 Jun 2014 Corporate Power
Fossil Free Oxford rowers for divestment University College 1st  crew

Oxford rowing crews joined calls for fossil fuel divestment. The rowers want to raise awareness of climate change after winter floods submerged many boathouses.

2 Jun 2014 Climate Change