Summer Gathering 2016

Our national Summer Gatherings give you a chance to meet other student campaigners, learn new skills and take action.

From calling for divestment from fossil fuels and the decolonisation of our universities to standing in solidarity with migrants, workers, Indigenous people and communities on the front-line of fossil fuel extraction, students are at the forefront of the fight for a more just and sustainable society.

Let’s make our student movement even stronger. Come to Summer Gathering to get an in-depth training in essential campaigning skills and discuss how we can keep building our movements.

  • Spaces to share skills and experiences with other students.

  • Skills workshops, including on how to use the media, creative campaigning, direct action and strategy.

  • Campaign workshops on People & Planet’s Fossil Free and Sweatshop Free campaigns.

  • Democratic decisions on the future of our campaigns.

Book now // 7-11 July // Oxford