Christmas Appeal - Adopt-an-Activist

Bored with conventional christmas gifts?

Already bought every ‘how to be green’ book and ‘unwrapped’ animal on offer? Why not give a gift that just keeps on giving?

Adopt-an-Activist for your loved ones this Christmas!

For just £3 a month your chosen activist will tackle the root causes of social and environmental injustice. Whilst you overindulge in mince pies, you can rest sound in the knowledge that People & Planet is helping your school, college or university activist achieve their full campaigning potential.

What’s included with your Activist?

When you Adopt-an-Activist you’ll receive:

  • a personalised adoption certificate
  • a bar of Fairtrade chocolate
  • regular updates about your activist throughout the year
  • membership of People & Planet’s FAN Club
  • People & Planet badge & sticker

Fluffy ones? Spiky ones? College or uni? We’ve got activists to cater to all tastes! They’ll make a perfect, quirky gift that will win over even your granny.

Take your pick of our activists now

By adopting a P&P activist, you’ll be joining our ever-growing FAN Club and your monthly gift could be used to:

  • Help students from financially deprived areas get to People & Planet’s annual conference, Shared Planet, where they’ll get inspired and trained up to change the world.

  • Provide a group with Fairtrade clothes to hold a fashion show, highlighting the benefits Fairtrade can bring to people in the developing world.

  • Help school and college students learn about global issues in a fun and engaging way, and help them make positive changes in their own lives

  • Provide materials to create visual campaigning props such as banners, posters and giant petitions

  • Offer training to groups across the UK in practical transition skills such as gardening, bike maintenance, house insulation, vegetarian cooking, knitting…the list is endless

Would rather make a one-off donation? Take a look at P&P’s Christmas Wishlist.