People & Planet's Climate Change Campaigns

Climate Change Campaigns

People & Planet’s climate change campaigns are always chosen democratically by students in our network - that’s what makes us the UK’s leading student climate campaigning organisation.

The Fossil Free campaign is breaking the links between our universities, colleges and the fossil fuel industry.

Fossil Free

Too many UK universities support the fossil fuel industry directly through their research, their endowments and investments and their partnerships with some of the biggest fossil fuel companies in the world like BP and Shell. People & Planet has joined forces with the campaign to ensure UK universities live up to their promises to tackle climate change and go Fossil Free. The campaign launched in October 2013, and with over 46 groups calling on their institutions to go Fossil Free, it’s one of the fastest growing divestment movement ever.

People & Planet University League

People & Planet’s People & Planet University League is the only comprehensive and independent league table of UK universities ranked by environmental and ethical performance. Published annually in national newspapers, it measures the progress of the higher education sector in making the transition to a low-carbon future. Through the People & Planet University League students are driving forward the higher education sector’s sustainability agenda at a national level. Find out how green your university is.

Go Green Week

People & Planet’s annual week of student action on climate change in partnership with the NUS. Each February 100s of schools, colleges and universities get to work cutting the carbon and raising awareness of the climate solutions needed for a low-carbon future. Last year’s week of action was our biggest and most successful yet. Students emailed 303 MPs calling on them to ask their party not to take dirty money from the fossil fuel industry, delivered 5000 action cards to Vice Chancellors across the country asking them to drop their fossil fuel investments, and hundreds took part in rallies and creative stunts across the country!

Going Greener: transition universities (past campaigns)

People & Planet’s decade long Going Greener campaign (2003-2013) has completely transformed the way that universities, staff and students respond to the threat of climate change. Its legacy is that students and staff all over the UK are now working together on a wide range of practical carbon-cutting projects, lobbying campaigns, community-building and awareness-raising events. The campaign also secured a national carbon reduction strategy for the higher education sector, £20million additional funding for low-carbon projects through the Revolving Green Fund and spawned a wide range of other organisations now working with students and staff to make their universities sustainable. Contact us if you’d like to book training workshops for your staff or students