What are we doing?

There are three main things People & Planet is doing to get RBS to clean up their act.

1) Public pressure

Students outside the RBS AGM protest against fossil fuel funding

Students try RBS for climate crimes

Groups up and down the country are building pressure for a change in RBS-NatWest. This includes getting your university to sell any shares they may have in RBS, getting your student union to switch their bank account, and getting your fellow students to refuse to work for them when they graduate.

We need to build public support for action on RBS. This means demonstrating that institutions are willing to put their money where their mouth is, and pull cash out of RBS.

See our Take Action page for ways to get involved.

2) Parliamentary pressure

the houses of Parliament from Westminster Bridge

Lobby your MP

The government now owns RBS. It’s crucial that we keep up the pressure on the Treasury to ensure they use their control of RBS for good. This means we need to pressure the Treasury directly, and through your MP.

a)MP lobbying: Students up and down the country will be lobbying their MP and calling on them to support the campaign.

b) Action cards. We have tens of thousands of action cards going out across the country. These are calling on the Treasury to stop RBS gambling with our future. We are hoping to deluge the Treasury with action cards showing public support for the campaign.

See our Take Action page for ways to get involved.

3) Legal pressure: Judicial Review

a judges wooden gavel

People & Planet, the World Development Movement and PLATFORM are taking the Treasury to court over the RBS bailout. There are a set of rules called ‘The Green Book’ on how public money can be spent, to make sure decisions are taken in the public interest. When the Treasury bailed out RBS, we believe they didn’t follow these ‘Green Book’ rules properly. As a result, they allowed public money that was poured into RBS to be invested in projects and companies that are causing climate change and linked to human rights abuses. We are hoping that a Court of Appeal judge will rule that the Government broke its own rules when it allowed public money to be spent on such damaging projects, and that it must take action to address this.

Find out more about our legal challenge on the Treasury