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Stop RBS backing tar sands ‘blood oil’

Taxpayer owned RBS - the UK’s biggest backer of tar sands ‘blood oil’ companies - held its Annual General Meeting on in April 2010.

People & Planet and the World Development Movement called for a week of action to clean up RBS and stop it investing in dirty fossil fuels.

Check out what happened for inspiring action ideas for your own group and local campus actions.

Take action on campus

students award RBS Greenwash award

Students at Manchester careers fair award RBS Greenwash award

Student Union motions

RBS need students and academic institutions as customers. Building support on campus is crucial to the campaign. You can get a motion passed at your student union general meeting to:

  • stop the union banking with RBS-NatWest
  • stop RBS-NatWest from advertising on campus
  • or to get your university pension fund to sell shares in RBS-NatWest

See our example motions which you can use as a template and discuss with other P&P groups running the campaign

Careers events

RBS depend on graduates coming to work for them. They may well be coming to a careers event at your university. See if you can persuade your fellow students that they don’t want to work for such an irresponsible bank.

Take action at an RBS branch

rooftop pic

On top of it

Getting local press coverage is a great way to build support for the campaign. Visible and creative stunts outside your local RBS or Natwest branch are a really good way to achieve this. You can get students to sign a Valentines card for the manager, asking them to ‘love their climate’, or how about giving them a hand with cleaning up their act on climate change (think feather dusters, mops and rubber gloves)?

Download resources

We have a load of useful materials to help you with your Ditch Dirty Development campaigning. Order some using our online form or download them directly from the website.

Become a Campaign Volunteer

If you are keen to get more involved, you can become one of the Campaign Volunteers. You’ll take on responsibility for the campaign nationally, and activities include getting other groups involved, organising national campaign stunts, and helping set the direction of the campaign. Contact us for more info

Download our Action Guide to find out how you can make the biggest impact on the Ditch Dirty Development campaign this year.