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The FAN Club (Fundraising & Activist Network) is a regular giving scheme for everyone who loves People & Planet, student or not. Many people first start supporting us as students and carry on as graduates and beyond. Together our FAN Club members’ monthly donations provide vital funds to support creative and powerful student campaigning.

Today’s network is grateful to previous generations of activists still committed to world poverty, human rights and environmental issues, who continue to give generously to People & Planet as one of the UK’s most effective campaigning organisations.

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Help power P&P Join the FAN Club

Join the FAN Club.

The FAN Club helps us:

  • run effective campaigns on human rights, world poverty and the environment
  • be independent rather than answerable to external funding bodies
  • make long term campaign plans in the knowledge of a regular income
  • be democratic and answerable to our network
  • be responsive to the needs of the network and changing political context

All you need do is make an affordable monthly contribution (minimum £3).

Campaigning is the most cost effective way to bring about lasting social change so your money will be put to good use.

What’s in it for me?

Did you know…?

Our termly newsletter is packed with all the latest news on our campaigns, as well as reviews, controversial columnists and group photo news.

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We will keep you up to date with our campaigns and news of groups’ activities through The Activist newsletter at least termly.

We will tell you about opportunities for action. Activism is for life, not just for students in P&P groups!

You can sign up for our monthly e-updates, or catch up on People & Planet’s campaigns such as Going Greener, Stop the Tar Sands and Buy Right.

If you are a member of a P&P group you will benefit from a more independent and democratic P&P which can work on the issues you care about.

All that, plus the knowledge that you are supporting People & Planet’s vital work!

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Join today and we will send you the latest edition of our newsletter. Joining is safe, secure and easy!

Leaving Uni this year? You don’t have to leave P&P too!

By joining the FAN Club you can stay in touch with P&P and hear about what your old group is up too. You can carry on being an activist even if you’re not on campus.

Go on help power People & Planet - fill in your direct debit form now!

Read Why people have joined the FAN CLUB

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