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Divestment action at Universities UK

Students at Summer Gathering took their message direct to Universities UK.

The FAN Club helps us:

  • run effective campaigns on human rights, world poverty and the environment
  • be independent rather than answerable to external funding bodies
  • make long term campaign plans in the knowledge of a regular income
  • be democratic and answerable to our network
  • be responsive to the needs of the network and changing political context

  • Keep us radical - make an affordable monthly contribution (minimum £3).

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People & Planet is a radical, grassroots organisation, and we need your help to stay that way. Please join our FAN Club, and make a regular monthly donation to support our work.

Over the past 2 year, People & Planet have worked with over 80 student groups to run the Fossil Free campaign, which has led to 22 universities committing to divest from fossil fuels, including the University of Glasgow, the University of Oxford and Warwick University.

We have also supported student campaigners to get 6 universities, including Leeds University, Edinburgh University and Durham University, and Transport for London to affiliate to Electronics Watch an organisation that aims to protect the rights and safety of electronics workers around the world.

However, funding for this type of radical student action isn’t easy to come by. Student activists today rely on the support of people like you.

Can you fund this type of radical student action?

It’s your kind donations that help to power our hard hitting campaigns. By joining People & Planet’s Fundraising & Activist Network (the FAN Club), you’re committing to making a regular monthly donation to help power People & Planet’s campaigns.

  • For £3 a month, you’ll help us reach students in Further Education by setting up a new college campaign group.

  • For £10 a month, you’ll be supporting creative student actions - like shaming BP on campus!

  • For £50 a month, you’ll be funding a campaigner to work to stop sweatshops.

Campaigning is the most cost effective way to bring about lasting social change, so your money will be put to good use!

Who’s the FAN Club for?

  • People & Planet’s FAN Club - or Fundraising & Activist Network - is a regular giving scheme for everyone who loves People & Planet, student or not.

  • If you’re graduating, join the FAN Club to keep in touch with People & Planet and your group’s campaigning. You don’t have to be on campus to keep being an activist!

  • Many people start supporting us as students and continue once they’ve graduated. Today’s network is grateful to previous generations of activists who continue to give generously to People & Planet as one of the UK’s most effective campaigning organisations.

  • Join the FAN Club today.

If you have any queries please contact us using the comment box opposite, or by email to or phone 01865 264 180.

Keep us radical - join the FAN Club