Fossil & Financial Fools' Day

Stop Press! RBS AGM on 3 April

The Royal Bank of Scotland - NatWest is having its Annual General Meeting in Edinburgh on Friday 3 April 2009. RBS-NatWest shareholders will be getting together to make decisions about the bank. This is the big action of the year to expose RBS-NatWest’s dirty investments, and demand they clean up their act. Especially now that about 70% of the bank is in public ownership, we’ll be telling RBS: we’ve cleaned up your finances, now stop messing up our climate.

  • Come to Edinburgh for an RBS-NatWest spring clean, and demonstrate how RBS-NatWest loves to sweep its coal under the carpet! Get out those feather dusters and marigolds and tell the Oyal Bank you’re voting for a cleaner RBS. We’ll be at the Edinburgh EICC from 12pm till 3pm.

  • Come to RBS’s offices at 280 Bishopsgate in London between 12pm and 2pm to expose how greedy bankers vote for a future of climate chaos. Time for those yuppie suits again…

  • Download the flyer here. We really need people to print out a bunch of flyers and distribute them - for example at the various G20 protests.

  • Join the We Vote For a Cleaner RBS Facebook group. You can post the AGM video to your Facebook profile and send it to your friends from the Facebook group. You can also pass the video on via email - click on the ‘share’ link on the video player.

For more information contact Hannah.

Can’t make it to Edinburgh or London? Do your bit and lobby your MP to sign EDM 880 calling on the government to take their shareholding seriously and stop RBS-NatWest financing climate chaos.

RBS is a Fossil Fool!

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RBS-NatWest’s investments add up to climate chaos

Wednesday 1 April 2009 is Financial Fools’ & Fossil Fools’ Day. People & Planet are calling a nationwide day of action to make the links between unaccountable financial power and its disasterous climate impacts. Focusing on RBS-NatWest, as part of the Ditch Dirty Development campaign, P&Pers will expose the bank’s foolish involvement in fossil fuel projects, and call for a just transition to renewable and sustainable energy sources. 1 April is a good time to mobilise for the AGM actions in London and Edinburgh.

RBS actions are part of broader activism on the G20. Organisations and networks across the UK and Europe including the Put People First coalition, Climate Camp and Rising Tide are all making links between the financial crisis and climate change.

How To

At RBS’ AGM last year, People & Planet found the bank guilty of environmental crimes. Read all about it here.

Last year, Fossil Fools’ Day kicked up a right old storm, with actions taking place right across the country. For a round up, and some inspiration, see the Rising Tide website. Fab RBS-NatWest branch actions have also taken place at other times of the year, and may provide some good ideas for 1 April. For example, Leeds P&P delivered a pipeline to their local NatWest branch, and Manchester P&P occupied the rooftop of their campus RBS branch. Rainforest Action Network in the US have had loads of fun with ‘Billionaires for Coal’, dressing up in long top hats and proclaiming their love for that sooty polluting coal.

Our guide to doing branch actions includes advice on practical and legal issues. For tips on how to attract and utilise local media attention see the groups guide.

So watch this space for the latest on Fossil/Financial Fools’ Day, and contact Hannah with your action stories.