Go Green Week 2016

It’s time to draw up our Red Lines

Go Green Week is the UK’s largest week of student climate action. This year, we’re drawing up our Red Lines for Fossil Free Friday. Are you in?

Join students across the UK taking action to demand that our unis and colleges break their links with the fossil fuel industry:

  • Monday: Build Support - time to build our groups and link up struggles
  • Tuesday: Raise Awareness - stay visible on campus and bond your group
  • Wednesday: Get Creative - ‘how to’ build your own inflatable cubes!
  • Thursday: Hit the Headlines - all you need to make the local and student press
  • Fossil Free Friday: Red Lines Day of Action - what’s YOUR Red Line?

Since the last Go Green Week, 18 universities have divested! Let’s make this one the biggest yet!

Download your Go Green Week 2016 Action Guide

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To the inflatable barricades! Credit Artúr van Balen

“For 20 years we’ve asked world leaders to take action to stop polluting the atmosphere. We couldn’t wait any longer. Now, warriors of the Pacific are rising peacefully to protect the Pacific Islands from climate change.”

Take Action: Fossil Free Friday

This Fossil Free Friday, turn up the heat with a Red Lines themed action.

The fossil fuel industry is continually breaching Indigenous rights and driving us towards a global climate crisis. Communities on the frontline of fossil fuel extraction are seeing their land and their ways of living destroyed.

Indigenous and frontline communities across the globe are resisting the expansion of extractive projects. They are drawing up their Red Lines and their clarion call is clear: keep fossil fuels in the ground. Their struggle is our struggle.

Let’s put the voices of affected communities at the heart of our struggle. Let’s work together to expose the fossil fuel industry’s climate lies and human rights abuses. Let’s put a Red Line between us and them.

Take Action: Energy Democracy

Switched On London is campaigning for a publicly owned energy company that London can be proud of. They want an affordable, democratic and environmentally sustainable alternative to the Big Six.

We don’t have to accept profiteering, poverty and pollution. There is an alternative.