Come Veg With Me!

Come Veg With Me is a veggie dinner party event based on the popular TV series Come Dine With Me. It’s a great way to get people talking about sustainable food and encouraging people to take the Part Time Carnivore pledge!

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Come Veg With Me

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Dinner Party!

1. Plan your meal.

When, where and who will you be inviting? Will it be a banquet, a bring and share lunch or an intimate dinner party? What’s going to be on the menu? Look for local, organic or fairtrade ingredients if possible. Please share your menu with us.

Think about what veg is in season with Check out some recipe websites:

2. Send invitations to a few meat-eating friends

3. Buy your ingredients

Think about where you get your ingredients from and look for local, organic or fairtrade wherever possible. Ask for a donation towards the cost of the meal and to support the People & Planet network

4. Get cooking

Why not get your guests there early to help you cook and share your skills. One of the biggest barriers to going veggie can be not knowing how to make delicious veggie food. Lots of groups up and down the country are running Cooking Workshops to provide people with new cooking skills and fun, delicious communal food.

5. Serve, eat and enjoy

Make sure you capture the evening with photos or videos and send them to us so we can share your success.

6. Get your guests to pledge to eat less meat.

Make this meal a life changing experience by asking guests to sign a pledge. You could either sign them up to your local Part-Time Carnivore pledge or show them how to pledge to Veg Out on your DoNation pledge page.