Going Greener: Creating Transition Universities

Going Greener:Transition Universities

Over the last decade from 2003 - 2013, People & Planet’s student network has been transforming the environmental performance of the higher education sector.

We’ve kickstarted a Transition Universities movement and created a low-carbon, resilient and community-led education sector that’s on its way to achieving carbon emissions reductions of at least 43% by 2020

We’ve also compiled our annual People & Planet People & Planet University League, the only comprehensive and independent league table of UK universities ranked by environmental and ethical performance.

Our climate campaign is now Fossil Free, focusing on severing the links between UK universities and the fossil fuel industry.

How can I get involved?

Although People & Planet is now focusing on a new climate change campaign - Fossil Free, chosen by our network of students, we’ve aimed to keep all the Going Greener information and useful resources on here so that you can still set up a Transition University at your institution.

  • Pick up ideas for practical projects from our bank of case studies submitted by staff and students

What is a Transition University?

The Going Greener campaign brought staff and students together to develop and implement their own response to the twin challenges of climate change and energy security. Students and staff worked together on localised, practical projects designed to dramatically reduce energy-usage and climate impact. People & Planet supported a network of Transition Universities which are still working to become resilient, low-carbon & more community-led in addressing their environmental & social impacts.

Transition Energy: The Big Green Makeover

People & Planet can support your group to co-ordinate The Big Green Makeover, a home energy saving project which helps students and staff to make their homes warmer, more cosy and cheaper to live in. We’ll train up your volunteers to teach other students and staff how they can save energy, water, waste and money through small behavioural and practical changes in their homes. By building partnerships within the university, your project could recruit an army of volunteers to organise energy advice saving clinics, run interactive workshops and carry out home visits to students’ private rented accommodation. Contact us if you’d like to start a Big Green Makeover project.

Transition Food: Scoop

As part of the campaign, People & Planet supported students across the UK to launch and run student food co-ops (known as Scoops). Starting a Scoop at your university can provide your fellow students (and staff) with access to good food at affordable prices - think fresh, seasonal, local, healthy and low-carbon food. Scoops work by pooling their members’ buying power and ordering food in bulk direct from suppliers & local farmers, so that a group of people can buy good food at a more affordable price. For advice, training workshops, start-up grants and resource packs contact us.