Degrees Cooler

Going Greener: making Degrees Cooler

Degrees Cooler is a collaborative project led by NUS and involving People & Planet’s Going Greener campaign, the Green Impact Universities and Student Switch Off.

Together with these partners we aim to transform environmental performance at 20 universities and promote sustainable living to 90,000 students & staff on and off campus.

Download the Degrees Cooler Campaign Guide

Degrees Cooler action guide

Start Going Greener today - download the new Campaign Guide & Workbook

People & Planet’s new Going Greener campaign is one of the central planks of this ambitious project. We’re working with our student network to create 20 Transition Universities where staff and students work together to drive down emissions and energy-use, building community-led, future-proof institutions.

If your university is participating in Degrees Cooler read on to find out how your grassroots campaign can be the key to delivering real change and helping your university make the transition to a low-carbon, lower-energy future.

Find out if your university is involved in Degrees Cooler

Take Action

  • Go to the Resources page to order a Going Greener campaign pack and book a workshop
  • Put on awareness-raising events, socials and practical sessions to recruit around 200 staff and student per uni
  • Invite your Environmental or Estates Manager, Student Union reps, keen staff, Greener Living Assistant and other societies to a Going Greener Open Meeting
  • Come along to Shared Planet 2010 in Birmingham 6 - 7 November! Great speakers, workshops, networking and parties
  • Organise a big launch for your transition projects for Go Green Week 2011 (get 7-14 February in your diaries now!)
  • Hold an Open Space meeting to bring staff and students together and develop a Transition Vision for your uni