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Green Education Declaration

Following the launch of the People & Planet University League Report 2012 showing steady but slow progress, People & Planet has called on the Vice-Chancellors (VCs) of UK universities to renew their commitment to a greener higher education sector. The Green Education Declaration recognises the pivotal role that universities play in tackling climate change and the role of VCs in making this a priority within their institutions. Ask your VC to sign up today using our resources to help you.

People & Planet calls on Vice-Chancellors and other associated education organisations to sign up to the declaration below to commit to working towards a greener higher education sector. To sign up to the declaration please complete the form below and don’t forget to add the following details:

The Green Education Declaration

This action is no longer active.

When the action was active, this was our suggested text.

Green Education Declaration

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today. The education sector has a key role to play in addressing this challenge. Education is critical to achieving the transition to a low carbon economy and society. Teaching and learning are crucial to inspire and educate the next generation of decision makers, business leaders and citizens, and equip them with the skills and knowledge to deal with the challenges of climate change. Research and innovation helps us to understand the many facets of climate change and will be central to developing ideas and technologies to mitigate and adapt to climate change As representatives of the educational institutions and associated organisations in the UK we: * Recognise the need to ensure that global average temperatures do not rise more than 2C in order to avoid the most severe effects of climate change * Welcome the introduction of sector-wide carbon reduction targets and acknowledge the benefits of a clear framework that shapes our collective responsibilities to the threat of climate change * Reaffirm our commitment to achieving the targets set out in our own carbon reduction strategies and a sector-wide carbon reduction of 43% by 2020 on 2005 emission levels. * Commit to integrating education for sustainable development into our institution's curricula, recognising the key role we play in educating those who will create a sustainable low carbon economy and society. * Urge the Government to work with the sector in developing a vision and strategy for the sector's smooth and urgent transition to a sustainable and low carbon future. * Call for the government, through its funding councils, to provide adequate resources, incentives and support to enable the sector's transition to a sustainable and low carbon future. As representatives of stakeholders within the education sector we commit to take decisive and strategic action within our institutions and collectively to bring about a world-leading, sustainable higher education sector. **Position/Role Title**: **Organisation/Institution Name**:

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