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The following institutions have signed up to the Green Education Declaration below:

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today. The education sector has a key role to play in addressing this challenge. Education is critical to achieving the transition to a low carbon economy and society. Teaching and learning are crucial to inspire and educate the next generation of decision makers, business leaders and citizens, and equip them with the skills and knowledge to deal with the challenges of climate change. Research and innovation helps us to understand the many facets of climate change and will be central to developing ideas and technologies to mitigate and adapt to climate change

As representatives of the educational institutions and associated organisations in the UK we:

  • Recognise the need to ensure that global average temperatures do not rise more than 2C in order to avoid the most severe effects of climate change
  • Welcome the introduction of sector-wide carbon reduction targets and acknowledge the benefits of a clear framework that shapes our collective responsibilities to the threat of climate change
  • Reaffirm our commitment to achieving the targets set out in our own carbon reduction strategies and a sector-wide carbon reduction of 43% by 2020 on 2005 emission levels.
  • Commit to integrating education for sustainable development into our institution’s curricula, recognising the key role we play in educating those who will create a sustainable low carbon economy and society.
  • Urge the Government to work with the sector in developing a vision and strategy for the sector’s smooth and urgent transition to a sustainable and low carbon future.
  • Call for the government, through its funding councils, to provide adequate resources, incentives and support to enable the sector’s transition to a sustainable and low carbon future.

As representatives of stakeholders within the education sector we commit to take decisive and strategic action within our institutions and collectively to bring about a world-leading, sustainable higher education sector.

38 Vice-Chancellors and counting!

University signatories are listed alphabetically by the name of the university.

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“Aberystwyth University is pleased to support the aspirations of the Green Education Declaration. Sustainability is at the core of all of the University’s activities and is clearly identified as one of our values. Our Strategic Plan and Estates Strategies which were developed by our students, staff and Governing Body ensure that sustainability and awareness of our responsibility to our environmental, economic and social wellbeing permeate all our work. We also benefit from world class research and teaching in the areas of environmental science and sustainability – with experts who are community based but with a global reach.” April Mcmahon

Aberystwyth University Professor April Mcmahon Vice Chancellor

Aston University, Professor Julia King, Vice-Chancellor


Bath Spa University, Professor Christina Slade, Vice-Chancellor

Bournemouth University, Professor John Vinney, Vice Chancellor

“Universities have a responsibility to lead by example, universities are where our future leaders and decision makers are being educated, I can think of no better place to drive home the principles of green education. We all have a part to play and the University of Bedfordshire wants to be at the forefront of this initiative that is vital to humanity.” Les Ebdon

University of Bedfordshire, Professor Les Ebdon, Vice Chancellor

“On a local level, the Guild is undertaking work aimed at reducing the University of Birmingham’s carbon footprint and getting a commitment to Green the Curriculum. We’re more delighted to be able to support People & Planet in their aims for HE and welcome any progress through the sector and student movement as a consequence.” David Franklin

“The University of Birmingham is currently undergoing a curriculum review, which we at the Birmingham Guild of Students feel is a unique opportunity to make exciting changes to the curriculum which can modernise the university and make sure our courses are suited for the upcoming century. Environmental sustainability is invariably going to become an increasingly pressing issue in coming years, and it is important that we equip our graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge that they are going to need in an economy undergoing transition.” Leander Jones

University of Birmingham Guild of Students including:

  • Katherine East, Vice-President Welfare
  • David Franklin, President
  • Leander Jones, Vice President Democracy And Resources
  • Alice Swift, Environment and Ethics Officer
  • Adam Smith, Satellite Sites Officer
  • Sean Farmelo, Community Action Officer
  • Emily Halford, Postgraduate and Mature Students Officer
  • Saara Pokki, International Students’ Officer
  • Simon Furse, Vice President Education
  • James Robertson, Vice President Housing and Community
  • Ollie Cosentino, Vice President Activities & Development
  • Hannah Skolnick, Anti-Racist Anti Fascist Officer


Canterbury Christ Church University, Andrew Ironside, Acting Vice Chancellor

Cardiff University, Colin Riordan, Vice Chancellor

“Cardiff Metropolitan University recognises the need to take a broad and long term view about the environment and sustainability. Universities have a key role in shaping the future both by example but, more importantly, because they are influential in shaping the thoughts and actions of future leaders and managers, educators and practitioners. The principles of the Green Education Declaration align with the policies of the University. We support the work of People & Planet in raising the issues at the national level.” Pam Ackroyd

Cardiff Metropolitain University, Pam Ackroyd, Pro-Vice Chancellor

University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), Malcolm Mcvicar Vice-Chancellor

City University London, Professor Paul Curran, Vice-Chancellor

University for the Creative Arts Students’ Union, UCASU Executive Committee 2012/13 including:

  • Lewis Barton - Canterbury Campus Officer
  • Luke Frost - Maidstone Campus Officer
  • Ed Hewison - Epsom Campus Officer
  • Steve Martin - Farnham Campus Officer
  • Dean Smith - Rochester Campus Officer

University of Cumbria, Professor Peter Strike,Vice-Chancellor


University of Derby, John Coyne, Vice-Chancellor


University of East Anglia, Professor Edward Acton, Vice-Chancellor

University of Essex, Anthony Forster, Vice- Chancellor



Glasgow Caledonian University, Professor Pamela Gillies, Vice-Chancellor

“Sustainability is a driving force at Glasgow Caledonian University… we are committed to creating a greener future. By 2014 we will be recognised as the leading University in Scotland and in the top ten new universities in the UK for its sustainability performance. We recognise that higher education institutions have a significant impact on the environment and it’s why we have been investing in our sustainability programme since 2008. We have pledged to reduce our carbon emissions by 20% by 2014 and are on track to exceed that target. We believe that everyone who works or studies at the University can reduce their energy consumption and make a difference, no matter how small. We’ve embraced various green initiatives, from reusing more of our resources to encouraging staff and students adopt eco-friendly travel options.” Pamela Gillies

Goldsmiths, University of London, Patrick Loughrey, Warden

University of Greenwich, Professor David Maguire, Vice Chancellor - ranked No.1 in People & Planet People & Planet University League 2012

“During the past three years, the Guildhall School of Music & Drama has worked hard to claw its way up the People & Planet University League, from near the bottom to a ranking of 53rd, achieving along the way a reduction in its carbon emissions of nearly 30% since 2005. It’s done this because it’s important. Climate change affects everybody and all institutions need to play their part in mitigating its effect. The HE sector is uniquely placed to be in the vanguard, as educators of the leaders of the next generation. The Guildhall School is very happy to support People & Planet in raising the issues at national level by signing the Green Education Declaration.” Barry Ife

Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Professor Barry Ife, Principal





Keele University, Professor Nick Foskett, Vice Chancellor

University of Kent Professor Keith Mander, Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Kingston University Student Union, Sean Kelly, President


London School of Economics Students’ Union, Alexandra Peters-Day, General Secretary


“Manchester Metropolitan University is pleased to endorse the Green Education Declaration 2012. Since signing the original declaration in 2008, MMU has grasped the sustainability challenges that face the sector and now has a powerful story on sustainability to tell. With robust targets and committed environmental programmes in place, we have seen the benefits of an 18.5% reduction in carbon emissions via investment in our estate through sustainable development and longer term, on-going cultural change. Crucially, with sustainability being a key factor in graduate employability, we are working hard to embed this as a key attribute of our University Commitment, with almost 94% of students now regarding MMU as an ‘eco-friendly University’. Our commitment to sustainability in our curricula and engagement with the NUS Green Impact programme has been key to our students’ and staff readiness to embrace change. Our support of the new Manchester Carbon Literacy programme will further our commitment for our graduates to become effective agents of change. Through our environmental sustainability programmes, we will continue to take decisive and strategic action to ensure that we remain proactively committed to being part of a sustainable higher education sector” John Brooks

Manchester Metropolitan University, Professor John Brooks, Vice Chancellor


Newcastle University, Professor Chris Brink, Vice Chancellor

University of Wales, Newport, Professor Stephen Hagen, Vice Chancellor

Nottingham Trent University, Professor Neil Gorman Vice-Chancellor



University of Portsmouth, John Craven, Vice Chancellor



University of Roehampton, Professor Paul O’Prey, Vice Chancellor

“The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama’s ambition is to become a leader in environmental sustainability for theatre thereby being a positive influence in the industry. We are seeking to target sustainability from a variety of angles; by embedding sustainable practice throughout our estate and operations, curriculum and production activity.” Professor Gavin Henderson CBE

The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Professor Gavin Henderson, CBE

Royal College of Music, Professor Colin Lawson, Director


“SOAS, University of London, with its focus on Africa, Asia and the Middle East, takes a global view about the environment. Climate change is having a massive impact on the regions we study. So we think it is important both to enhance our curriculum coverage of environmental issues and make determined efforts ourselves to reduce our own carbon emissions so we can have a sustainable future.” Paul Webley

SOAS, University of London, Professor Paul Webley, Director

“As a top twenty performer in the People and Planet People & Planet University League, Sheffield Hallam is happy to support the Green Education Declaration 2012. Universities are in a unique position to inspire and educate the next generation and it is crucial that Higher Education institutions lead by example, practicing what we teach in terms of environmental issues. Our commitment to sustainability at Sheffield Hallam is shown through our achievement of ISO 14001 and 50001 (International standards for environmental and energy management), our Fair-trade status, Climate Change Champion Awards and our top ten position in Business in the Community (Environment Index 2012).” Philip Jones

Sheffield Hallam University, Philip Jones, Vice Chancellor

“The University welcomes the opportunity to reaffirm its commitment to the wider sustainability agenda in higher education and to providing a stimulating, progressive and sustainable environment for learning, including full consideration of social, economic and environmental impacts and opportunities. People & Planet are to be commended for their continued efforts and initiatives such as the Green Education Declaration. The University has a long tradition of embedding sustainability as a core principle and we have, over the years, received a number of awards recognising our efforts in engaging students, staff and the wider community and the promotion of living within our environmental limits. The University acknowledges its responsibility of demonstrating leadership in sustainability through innovation and enhancement of its actions as an institution at the local, regional and global level, minimising our impacts and determining sustainable solutions to environmental concerns.” Medwin Hughes

Swansea Metropolitan University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Professor Medwin Hughes, Vice-Chancellor.



UAL vc signs the green education declaration

Nigel Carrington signing the Green Education Declaration

“Universities are powerhouses of knowledge and creativity, and that puts us in a unique position to think about sustainability in new ways. It’s something UAL’s students and staff care passionately about and are engaging with energetically, whether that’s working with the fashion industry to improve the sustainability of its processes or making the greenest choices we can about running our own buildings. Large communities can make a real difference, often through simple changes. It’s a big priority at UAL and I’m very pleased to sign up to the Declaration.” Nigel Carrington

University of the Arts London, Nigel Carrington, Vice-Chancellor

“UCL is one the UKs leading universities in research on Climate Change and sustainable energy solutions. It is therefore appropriate that it should sign up to this declaration and set an example by its own commitment to sustainable development within UCL”. Malcolm Grant

University College London, Professor Malcolm Grant, President and Provost


University Of Westminster, Geoff Petts, Vice Chancellor

University of the West of England, Bristol, Professor James Longhurst, Assistant Vice Chancellor (Environment and Sustainability)

“The University of Winchester is a values driven institution, including Social Justice where we ‘seek to embody social justice and develop our students as effective and fulfilled global citizens. They will be prepared to challenge the status quo and will have the strength to stand up for what they believe to be true’. Such values, and our mission ‘To educate, to advance knowledge and to serve the public good’ mean that becoming a signatory to the Green Education Declaration is second nature to us.” Joy Carter

University of Winchester, Professor Joy Carter, Vice-Chancellor

University of Wolverhampton, Geoff Layer, Vice Chancellor


University of York, Professor Brian Cantor, Vice Chancellor