Greenwash Coup of the Year 2011

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climate week greenwash 2011

The Oil Bank of Scotland sponsoring Climate Week?

Help People & Planet to highlight corporate greenwash during Climate Week.

Take part in our tongue-in-cheek poll (right) and help select the winner of the all-new Greenwash Coup of the Year Award 2011.

You really couldn’t make it up. March 21 – 27 has been designated as a “Week of Action” on climate change in the UK. The eco-warriors behind this rebellious project? Why, it’s those well-known champions of environmental justice: Tesco, EDF Energy, Kellogg’s, and our friends the Royal Bank of Scotland

Climate Week is a huge opportunity to showcase the amazing work of students, schools and communities around the UK - don’t get us wrong! But when the very corporations responsible for causing climate change seek to greenwash themselves by sponsoring initatives like Climate Week - it’s important to speak up!

Climate Week sponsors RBS, for example, finances more fossil fuel extraction than any other UK bank. Since being bailed out in 2008, RBS has been involved in providing finance worth around £13billion to companies involved in extracting fossil fuels, including tar sands mining in Canada. This produces carbon emissions three times greater than conventional oil and causes devastating social and health problems for indigenous communities. Find out more about the other sponsors of Climate Week

The winner will be presented with the People & Planet Greenwash Coup of the Year Award 2011 during Climate Week.