And the Climate Week winner is...

18 Mar 2011

RBS wins 70% of the votes in our Greenwash Coup of the Year Poll for its hypocritical sponsorship of Climate Week

2011 RBS greenwash award protest
2011 RBS greenwash award bank manager

P&Per attempts to hand the Greenwash award to RBS manager

2011 RBS greenwash die-in

Activists die-in in front of Edinburgh RBS branch in Climate Week

Students from across Scotland today named the Royal Bank of Scotland the Greenwash Coup of the Year Award winner for sponsoring climate change initiative Climate Week whilst simultaneously financing coal companies.

Activists from Edinburgh, St. Andrews and Stirling People & Planet groups staged an oily die-in this morning and delivered the tongue-in-cheek award in honour of the bank’s finance for the world’s biggest coal mining and coal power generating companies. RBS received 70% of the vote in the online poll which has spread rapidly through Twitter in the last two weeks.

A new report being released on Monday by People & Planet, PLATFORM and other campaign partners shows RBS has financed coal with nearly £7 billion since the 2008 bailout.

Francesco Benvenuti, People & Planet member from Edinburgh, commented

“It’s just plain wrong for RBS to use taxpayers money to finance companies causing climate change and wrecking lives, whilst trying to fool the public into seeing them as ‘green’ by sponsoring events such as Climate Week”

RBS has been targeted by students for some years over its record of being the UK bank most heavily involved in financing the fossil fuel sector, including the dirtiest forms like coal and tarsands. Its association with the Climate Week initiative has been highly controversial, prompting some groups and celebrities to withdraw their endorsements.

Comedian Alistair McGowan, who withdrew his support of Climate Week, said:

“Climate Week is celebrating the successes of ordinary citizens and businesses in bringing down their carbon emissions at the same time as its main sponsor, RBS, is doing more than any other bank to undermine those self same efforts. It’s high time RBS put its money where its mouth is, and stopped bankrolling the fossil fuel industry.”

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