Student solidarity with workers at Foxconn

26 Jan 2012

People & Planet student activists give messages of support to workers at Foxconn.

Reports have shown that 150 workers who make iPhones and other technology products in China have threatened mass suicide in protest at their working conditions. The factory also makes computers supplied to many UK universities, validating People & Planet students’ Buy Right campaign for their universities to take responsibility for human rights abuses in their supply chains.

Photo of solidarity for Foxconn suicide strike in China

The posters say: Solidarity to the workers of Guangdong

The heartbreaking story in The Telegraph says:

Foxconn, which manufactures gadgets for the likes of Apple, Sony, Nintendo and HP, among many others, has had a grim history of suicides at its factories. A suicide cluster in 2010 saw 18 workers throw themselves from the tops of the company’s buildings, with 14 deaths. In the aftermath of the suicides, Foxconn installed safety nets in some of its factories and hired counsellors to help its workers.

At the time of the last spate of suicides, People & Planet student activists protested in solidarity with the Foxconn workers.

The picture shows students holding up placards saying: solidarity to the workers in Guangdong Province.

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