Glasgow, Oxford and SOAS students vote to divest from fossil fuels

5 Dec 2013

In the past fortnight the Students' Councils at University of Glasgow, SOAS and four Oxford colleges have passed motions calling on their universities to divest from the fossil fuel industry.

imdex26326  2013 December Fossil Free Oxford College Motions

Hertford, Balliol, Linacre and University Colleges have all passed Fossil Free motions.

Photo of ...Fossil Free Glasgow Uni Climate Action group shot

Fossil Free Glasgow Uni collected almost 700 petition signatures in the last fortnight

Last night Glasgow University Climate Action group became the latest group to successfully pass a motion calling on the university to go Fossil Free through their Student Representative Council (SRC). The Socially Responsible Investment Policy of Glasgow University states that written cases for divestment must be brought forward by the SRC, so securing their support is a major step forward for the new student-led campaign.

Miriam Wilson from Glasgow Fossil Free campaign told us:

“We were given quite a grilling by the council but we’re really pleased and excited that the SRC has given us their support. Our group has worked incredibly hard to lift this campaign off the ground this semester, starting completely from scratch and moving forward really quickly. This was a great ending to the first semester and we can’t wait to get started again in the new year!”

Lining up dominos

Glasgow joins SOAS, University of London, and four Oxford University colleges; Hertford, Balliol, Linacre and University, where students have overwhelmingly voted to join the rapidly growing Fossil Free divestment movement and sever their university’s financial and other ties to the fossil fuel industry.

The news comes as new research from top climate scientist James Hansen that even a 2c degree rise in global temperatures could cause “major dislocations for civilization.”

Michaela Collord from the Oxford University Divestment Campaign said

“The majority of students around the university have been very supportive so far. People seem genuinely happy to know there’s a campaign like this out there. We hope to see lots more students get involved next term”

Fossil Free UK campaign manager, Louise Hazan, said:

“The unprecedented scale at which this climate change movement is spreading from university to university shows that fossil fuel divestment is an idea whose time has come. Like the anti-apartheid movement of the 1980s, students are using divestment as a tactic to expose the injustice and immorality of a fossil fuel industry bent on burning more carbon than our atmosphere can take. Our universities must withdraw their substantial support from this rogue industry, or risk losing any claim to leadership in the fight against climate change.”

Join the movement

There are currently 38 Fossil Free campaigns with University of Loughborough, Sheffield Hallam and The University of Hull joining the movement in the last few weeks.