Loughborough students' union joins RBS boycott threat

25 Jun 2008

Loughborough P&P successfully passed a motion comitting their students' union to investigating and changing their bank account from NatWest if RBS-NatWest don't commit to cutting their embedded emissions by 2009.

Loughborough P&P campaigning to Ditch Dirty Development

Loughborough P&P campaigning to Ditch Dirty Development

Loughborough P&P member Pete Davis having his head shaved to raise money for P&P

Pete Davis sacrifices his hair for P&P!

Loughborough University People & Planet successfully managed to pass a motion at their Union council on 18 June, committing their students’ union to:

  • research into other banking options
  • write a letter to NatWest in support of the Ditch Dirty Development campaign
  • switch banks during September 2009 if RBS-NatWest make no changes towards the demands of the campaign.

This great result came after months of hard work and campaigning by Loughborough People & Planet. During the Freefest festivities on campus, members collected over 600 oily finger signatures on their giant world; held fights between endangered animals and a ‘NatWest CEO’ and displayed an interactive oil pipeline.

One of the P&P members, Pete Davis drew in the crowds at this event by shaving his head, collecting over £200 for P&P! And all this was done whilst wearing beautifully stencilled Ditch Dirty Development T-shirts.