Liverpool P&P tell E.On to F.Off

23 Oct 2008

People & Planet group take direct action on climate crunching energy company E.On

Liverpool uni banner drop
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Liverpool P&P banner drop

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Celebrating a successful action

E.On’s graduate recruitment stall at Liverpool University had dirty coal dumped on it by students angry at their financing of climate change, who also unfurled a banner stating ‘e-on no new coal’.

The action taken against E.On is due to their polluting plan to build the first new coal-fired power station in the UK for 30 years. This move is in stark contrast to the company’s boast that it is ‘leading the way’ in renewable energies. E.On received loans totalling $70 billion in 2007 from RBS-Natwest and other banks.

Students also handed out flyers and informed students about the myths of ‘clean’ coal being part of a sustainable energy mix. E.On’s plans to negate millions of individuals’ carbon cuts went under the spotlight when Climate Camp went to Kingsnorth in Kent this summer.

People & Planet are calling on E.On to scrap its plans to invest in new fossil fuel technology and switch to renewable energy projects.

Mark Todd, Liverpool P&P spokesperson said:

It is disgraceful that while E.On claims to be acting to tackle climate change, they continue to invest in projects which will result in massive carbon emissions in the future. We are asking E.On to prioritise renewable energy instead.

Want to take action to stop E.ON?

  • Find out more about the national No New Coal campaign.

  • Email Hannah in the office with action updates, and check out the Ditch Dirty Development campaign for how to stop E.On and other fossil fuel companies from getting the funding they need.