Egg on the G20

6 Apr 2009

Your chance to win a delicious Dubble Easter Egg and lob a cartoon egg at the leaders of the world richest countries.

egg a politician

Whilst G20 leaders spent a lot of time talking about the credit crisis, the crisis for the world’s poorest people was low down on their list. Although we in northern countries are being hit hard by the current financial situation it is those with the least who are suffering the most.

Our friends at Divine have created a fun way of calling on politicians to make trade fair, have a go and pass it on.

We’ve got twenty mouth watering Dubble Easter Eggs to give away to the first twenty students to send us their name and address. Simply email

Dubble easter egg

People & Planet works with Divine Chocolate because it is a 100% Fairtrade company. This means that producers not only benefit from the Fairtrade price for their crops but are also share holders of the company.

Radically shifting the relationship between company and producer means that cocoa farmers have a say in the running of the business and benefit from any profits, unlike big chocolate companies.

Dubble Fairtrade chocolate was launched by Divine Chocolate Ltd and Comic Relief in 2000. It was designed and developed with input from thousands of young people from initial concept to the finished product.

Dubble’s ‘by kids for kids’ ethos continues to drive its online developments - now supported by a community of almost 50,000 signed up Dubble Agents changing the world chunk by chunk! Become a Dubble Agent