People & Planet joins DECC's pilot Youth Advisory Panel on Climate Change

15 Feb 2010

Last week the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) invited 14 young people to London to take part in a pilot youth advisory panel.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change's pilot youth advisory panel

The Department for Energy and Climate Change’s pilot youth advisory panel

The panel, which including a representative from People & Planet, attended a presentation given by members of DECC working on the UK’s pathway to a low-carbon 2050. The fourteen young people were then quizzed about their visions for the future.

DECC was particularly keen to know what young people thought the best ways to reduce the carbon emissions from transport and housing would be, and there were lively discussions about the need for behavioural shifts and improved technologies.

Ed Miliband, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, then joined the panel to answer questions and discuss the future of young people’s involvement in decisions about tackling climate change. He agreed that it was incredibly important that today’s government listened to the generation who will be left to deal with the consequences of climate change, and assured the panel that their input was more than just an empty gesture and would actually inform future policies.

Mr Miliband also emphasised that he was dedicated to investing in future generations and trying to close the current ‘carbon divide’ between people who care about climate change and those who don’t even know about it. The panel showed their support for schemes which offer funding for degrees, internships and apprenticeships, as well as supporting charities like People & Planet who help students take action on climate change.

The panel aims to meet again within a month to finalise plans for the future of the youth role in combatting climate change. Keep checking the People & Planet climate change news pages for updates about this exciting new initiative.