P&P Network Email 19

24 Nov 2003

GROUPS NEWS 1. Loughborough’s One World Week 2. Fairtrade success at Nottingham CAMPAIGNS 3. Sneaky Esso are at it again 4. New Ethical Investment Campaign Packs 5. Boycott Nestle

Dear Friends

I hope you´re all doing well and that those of you that went to Shared Planet had a fantastic time- it was great to see so many of you there! To see what you missed or to relive the experience, go to the SP website: peopleandplanet.org/sp2003/

I´ll be writing the Network Emails (like this one) and the termly Network Update newsletter for the rest of the year, so if you have any news about events, actions or socials that you would like everyone to hear about then please let me know!

Love Martha x

1. Loughborough One World Week

Loughborough People & Planet joined in the One World Week activities taking place all over the town. As part of their Trade Justice campaign, the group held an ‘Unfair Games’ event outside the Union on the particularly sporty Wednesday afternoon. The fun included getting a ‘rich’ or ‘poor’ sticker that would be determine how you’d play the games. For example paper- vs base-balls on the coconut shy; different sized hoops for hoopla; moving snakes and ladders on the giant multi-coloured games board; and football posts of varying size.

Leaflets and fairtrade samples were also handed out to passers by and a fair trade stall held even more information with free FT orange juice and cookies to keep the many participants happy. Leon Borsukuwiecz dressed as a fat cat with a 3ft mobile phone and giant WTO rulebook in an attempt to make the games ‘as unfair as possible for the poor people’.

Jenny Marsden from the group said that it was a highly successful event and was pleased that there was a large amount of support for the Unfair Games.

2. Fairtrade success at Nottingham

Nottingham University is well on the way to achieving Fairtrade status, thanks to the hard work of Nottingham P&P group and Sara Kassam their Environment and Social Justice Officer. They have ensured that the SU make the Fairtrade campaign an executive priority for the year ahead.

So far they have managed to get their two main cafes on campus to sell only fairtrade tea and coffee and in Tchibo coffee machines, a fairtrade option has been introduced. Geobars and Divine/Dubble chocolate are also now on sale in the SU shops and a `Green Machine´, selling only organic and fairtrade products, has just been installed- making Nottingham the first university in the country to have one!

They have also gained the support of their Vice Chancellor by wooing him with fairtrade samples and have had very positive talks with Catering and Residential Services who became really interested after the P&P Fairtrade cafe was set up last year. So all is looking good and hopefully Fairtrade status will soon be theirs!

To find out how you can get a Green Machine, call Organic N´ Natural: 0208 6466111

  1. Esso, the sneaks, may well be on a campus near you


Esso are trying to sneak on to campuses all over the place, at events that are not necessarily being organised through the university careers service, making them more tricky to detect! For example, they might be organising smaller presentations through individual departments, thus bypassing the careers service. So for all you budding Inspector Clouseaus out there, please keep up ESSO WATCH- and let us know if you think they will be visiting your university this term.

We´ve got lots of resources to help you with Stop Esso actions if you find out that Esso are coming to your campus. Please email lucy@peopleandplanet.org for more details.

  1. A fantastic new Ethical Investment campaign pack, produced

    by the Edinburgh P&P group for the network, is now ready

To order one, email Meredith Alexander: mwa@peopleandplanet,org

  1. Look out for Nestle, who could also be visiting your campus


Nestlé is rattled by the strength of support for the Nestlé boycott amongst students and is attempting to send senior executives from the company on a speaking tour of universities. Check with your union and debating society to see if Nestlé has approached them. If so, you could suggest that Baby Milk Action is invited to debate with Nestlé. In the past Nestlé has refused to even speak at a meeting if Baby Milk Action was present, but has changed this policy thanks to the pressure from student activists. A number of debates have now taken place.

You could call for a debate even if Nestlé hasn’t made an approach, particularly if there is a vote on the boycott coming up at your university!

For further information contact: Mike Brady at Baby Milk Action. Tel: 01223 464420 email: mikebrady@babymilkaction.org Baby Milk Action is a small organisation and will have to request a fee to cover costs, but will try to respond positively to all requests.


Great groups use the Groups Guide! www.peopleandplanet.org/groups/guide/