Lobbying revelations make tar sands action more crucial

28 Nov 2011

Intensive lobbying by the Canadian Government, BP and Shell has pushed the UK to oppose the EU's tar sands ban. Take action now!

Greenpeace re-brand the Department for Transport

Greenpeace re-brand the Department for Transport

The Guardian has just revealed that the UK has been subject to an intense lobbying effort by the Canadian Government, Shell and BP, as part of their push to block EU climate legislation that would effectively ban high-polluting Canadian tar sands oil from entering Europe.

Contrary to claims by Under-Secretary of State Norman Baker - a LibDem and self-described environmentalist who is responsible for the UK’s position on the EU Fuel Quality Directive (FQD), Freedom of Information requests have revealed that the UK has been keen to promote the Canadian lobbying agenda, and is not working towards the “best deal… for the environment”.

In response, Greenpeace today re-branded the Department for Transport as ‘the Department for Tar Sands’, shutting their offices down for more than 6 hours in protest against the derailing of this critical legislation.

With the EU expected to vote on the FQD on Friday, it is critical that Baker hears from all of us that no amount of corporate lobbying can his commitments to UK citizens and to the environment.

Send Baker an email now and let him no there is no space for dirty oil in a green EU!