Victory on Climate Curriculum!

17 Jul 2013

Thanks to thousands of students like you taking action, Michael Gove has abandoned plans to drop climate change from the geography national curriculum.

When did you first hear about climate change? It may well have been when you were at school – an opportunity to learn more and to make up your own mind on how to tackle what could be called our generation’s biggest challenge.

School students today are no different. They want to learn about the environment and the human impact on it. Unfortunately, our government is not so forward thinking.

In April, pupils from across the country joined People & Planet’s Education Team at the Department for Education to hand in our petition with more than 3,500 signatures telling Michael Gove not to cut climate change from the Geography curriculum for under 14s.

Then in May, Energy Secretary Ed Davey wrote to Michael Gove, urging him to reinstate climate change in the Geography curriculum. Davey’s move followed People & Planet’s campaign where thousands of you emailed Ed Davey and Michael Gove to voice your opinions.

Now, after months of campaigning by students and teachers all over the UK, Gove has listened to our voices and announced he’ll drop plans to remove climate change from the school curriculum.

This is a huge victory, but it doesn’t go far enough. Putting the words ‘climate change’ back into the curriculum is an important step, but it’s not enough.

We need to make sure that today’s young people receive the education they deserve, an education that will equip them to deal with global challenges such as climate change. People & Planet will continue to work with our partners to put sustainability and global citizenship back into the curriculum.