Raise Awareness

Let everyone in your school or college know why waste is important, and what they can do to help.

Jane and Sasha behind their Fairtrade stall at Cirencester College

Jane Stratton and Sasha Izapandah running an awareness raising stall at Cirencester College

You could:

  • Design and get posters up everywhere
  • Hold an assembly or event to get people thinking about waste and climate change - you could show your Go Green film.
  • Put up signs about how and what to recycle
  • Set up a Go Green notice board to give ideas and tips on reducing, reusing and recycling

It’s really important that you keep track of
everything you do so make sure you take loads of photos for the Go Green photo competition and send them to us

Repeat your waste survey to find out how much waste you’re actually reducing. Let everybody in your school or college know what an impact their actions are having. Write an article for the People & Planet website, your school or college newsletter or local press.

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