Redress Fashion Campaign Resources

Use this flyer to explain to shoppers, journalists, Topshop workers, management and Topshop executives what our campaign demands are.

We have found that using ‘fashion to fight fashion’ has been very effective, so we’ve used slogans like…

Redress Fashion get with the trend
…while trying to keep quite a trendy image ourselves too.

Some great stickers to distributeat Topshop grad recruitment or Topshop actions ‘subvertise’ or turn Topshop’s marketing against itself like a judo throw.

Topshop are always using the phrase ‘Topshop [heart] students’, so we like to turn it around to something slightly different

Redress fashion students heart transparency
More stickers that are useful to keep asking Topshop to change their labour practises:

Redress fashion info sticker

Redress Fashion Topshop Ethical Policy
Finally, a press release that we’ve used is helpful for using the correct format and including the right references to back up our case.