Summer Gathering 2016

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The Summer Gathering was a bit of a life-changing event for me, after meeting such an amazing bunch of people - inclusive, spot-on, and actually getting stuff done - I totally changed my plans for the next year in order to do more great activism. I know I’ll always remember it as a pivotal event in my life! Connecting with people on that level - the best. ~ Rosie, student from London

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Summer Gathering 2016: skill up for social, economic and environmental justice.

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While big business accumulates even more power and profits, we’re seeing a rise in racism and xenophobia, climate change running wild and a new wave of austerity being enforced upon communities.

This isn’t inevitable. Working with others across the globe, we can build a more just and sustaibable world.

Come to Summer Gathering to hear from activists involved in some of the UK’s most exciting struggles and gain the tools to develop effective campaign strategies, get your stories in the media, run impactful and creative actions, lobby for boycotts and divestment, and lots more.

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Why should I come?

  • We’ve got an in-depth campaigning skills training lined up. Whether you want to learn how to build your group on campus, or to make some big wins in your campaign through lobbying and escalation, or are simply looking to pick up some advanced skills in media, social media, and non-violent direct action, we guarantee there’s something for everyone! Check out our amazing programme. We will also have some land-based workshops on organic gardening and permaculture.

  • Continue the journey to bring collective liberation to the heart of your organising. All struggles against oppression are linked, including the struggles against capitalism, racism, colonialism, ableism, and patriarchy. It doesn’t make sense to struggle for justice in the wider world while ignoring the oppression that may be happening in our own campaigns. A commitment to undo oppression within our campaigns will only strengthen our struggle against oppression in the world.

  • Meet activists from all over the UK and Ireland. On Monday morning, a regional meet up will give you a chance to build connections with campaigning groups in your region. We’ll also be recruiting for regional events organisers and campaigning skills trainers, who will be the backbone of the network over the next academic year.

  • This Summer Gathering, you’ll be deciding the future of the Fossil Free campaign. Do you want to get our unis reinvest in community energy projects in the Global South, stop the greenwash by excluding fossil fuel companies from careers fairs, reject sponsorships and end partnerships? Should we develop a campaign to shift research priorities towards creating a fairer and sustainable future? Come with your ideas and proposals!