Summer Gathering 2015

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The Summer Gathering was a bit of a life-changing event for me, after meeting such an amazing bunch of people - inclusive, spot-on, and actually getting stuff done - I totally changed my plans for the next year in order to do more great activism. I know I’ll always remember it as a pivotal event in my life! Connecting with people on that level - the best. ~ Rosie, student from London

Want to know more?

Skill up to take down sweatshops and fossil fuels: 4 days of fun, action and training with People & Planet

Summer Gathering: where the movement begins. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer and the fossil fuel companies are digging us into climate crisis. This isn’t inevitable. Working with others across the world, we can secure a better future. But only if we plan, learn, and build our movement.

At this annual in-depth training camp, university and college students come together for 4 days of high quality training on everything from campaign escalation to social media skills and how to build a strong group.

Why should I come?

  • This Summer Gathering, you’ll be deciding the future of People & Planet by choosing our new Economic Justice campaign. This will set the direction of our campaigning for years to come, and is a real historical moment. Do you want to see us campaigning on stopping sweatshops, supporting student sex workers, or the war on drugs? Fighting for migrant rights, better housing, or basic income for all? Read all the campaign options here.

  • On Monday morning, we’ll do a regional meet up for groups to meet other activists near them - the perfect way to build the network in your region. We’ll also be recruiting for some new Regional, Wales and Scotland Organisers who will be the backbone of the network over the next academic year.

  • We’ve got some fantastic skills training lined up. Whether you want to learn how to run a group on your campus and keep students engaged, or to make some big wins in your campaign through lobbying and escalation, or are simply looking to pick up some fantastic advanced skills in media, social media, and non-violent direct action, we guarantee there’s something for everyone! Check out the draft programme.

  • Once again, we’re really excited to be offering our collective liberation workshop. Here’s what Luke, a student at Glasgow, had to say about it last year: “People and Planet seem to be one of the first organisations whose main focus isn’t liberation to put liberation as one of its core policies. They always look to the students for ideas about how to shape their policies and I don’t see that happening else where. Really fantastic group of people who genuinely care about the well-being and liberation of marginalised groups.”