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The Sweatshop Free Campaign

Universities spend £10 billion a year on the things that students use day-to-day. Much of this money goes to big companies with appalling records of human rights abuses in their supply chains.

Students around the UK are now demanding that our universities take action. We want to defend human rights throughout university supply chains. Find out how you can be involved.

We’ve already achieved some fantastic victories. And this year, we’re calling on all UK universities to join the Worker Rights Consortium and Electronics Watch, to ensure that all university clothing and electronics are made in factories which respect workers’ rights.

Join us. Get involved today.

How you can take action

This year, our primary focus is getting universities to join the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) for garments, and Electronics Watch for electronics. All over the country, students will be raising awareness and taking action to ensure accountability for workers.

In July 2011, NUSSL voted to join the WRC, bringing its 220 member students’ unions with it. Sheffield became the first university to join, and have been followed by numerous other universities. We’ll keep going until every university is a member of the Worker Rights Consortium and Electronics Watch.

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