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Shared Planet 09 Students

Shared Planet.

6 & 7 November 2010

Birmingham University

let’s reclaim our future

The UK’s biggest gathering of students taking action on world poverty, human rights and climate change.

Bring a friend - help build our movement…

There are People & Planet groups in roughly 130 schools, colleges and universities across the UK. Visit the school and college pages to find out about our school and college groups. Read on for more information about P&P groups in universities and higher education insitutions.

What does a People & Planet group do?

All sorts of things! Most groups meet regularly during term time to discuss and plan campaigns at their college or university. Activities can include holding stalls, publicity stunts, email campaigns, lobbying decision makers and running events such as debates, gigs or club nights which highlight the issues you care about.

Groups also take part in national events such as a mass lobby of parliament or demonstration and run some or all of P&Ps national campaigns. They also attend our national events and raise money to help fund our campaigns.

To find out more about P&P groups, please browse the latest news on this page or click through to group websites from the groups list page.

What´s so special about the People & Planet Network?

  • People & Planet creates impact because our campaigns really work, from changing the law on arms exports to introducing Fairtrade into union shops. We have converted 65 colleges to using green electricity and helped to create nine Fairtrade universities.
  • We empower by giving people the skills, and the confidence, to change the world around them on their own terms.
  • We´re student-led because the students choose what we campaign on, so that we’re always relevant to young people.

Why is the P&P Network so effective?

  • Because campaigning as part of a network allows us to support one another and achieve far more than we could as individuals.
  • Because we campaign strategically on a broad range of issues, which allows us to see how they are all inter-connected.
  • Because we invest in training our campaigners and developing our groups, which enables them to be more effective in achieving change.
  • Because every person and every group is important to People & Planet - nobody is just a cog in the wheel.
  • Because we can draw on the skills, ideas and commitment of thousands of student campaigners across the UK.

To get in touch with your local university group, please see the groups list or telephone 01865-245678 beginoftheskypehighlighting              01865-245678      endoftheskypehighlighting.