Take action: WearFair Campaign

Getting schools to buy products such as Fairtrade tea and coffee is really important, but did you know that you can also get Fairtrade cotton?

UK schools and colleges buy millions worth of clothes every year, from school uniforms to sports kits. But usually these garments are not made with Fairtrade cotton.

Young people don’t want their schools and colleges to be full of clothes that make poor producers suffer. Garments that may have been produced by children, or by women barely older than you, for as little as 5p per hour for an 80 hour week. But there is an alternative.

With cotton farming a source of income for many farming communities in West Africa and India, a fair price for their crop is vital for families to be able to feed themselves and secure an education for their children. Fairtrade guarantees that the person at the very bottom of the textile supply chain who has grown the cotton has been paid a fair price for the crop.

People & Planet’s Wear Fair campaign is calling on schools and colleges to source Fairtrade clothing which will improve the lives of millions of cotton farmers.

With your help we can create a national movement in schools and colleges. Join us!

What can we do in my school/college?

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