Entering the competition


We can only enter your Fair Trade fashion show into the Wear Fair competition if you show us how you succeeded in these three areas. This means you will need to send us photos, a video, or anything else that will show us how your fashion show succeeded in these three areas, and describe what you got up to in our competition application form.

Send this form with your evidence attached to Fiona, or post it to the address on our contact page.

Each Fair Trade fashion show entered into our competition will be judged by how well it succeeds in three areas.

These areas are:

Break dancing at sussex fashion show
1. How inspiring and creative your show is

You may want to use dance, drama, music, film or make your own clothing to ensure your show is as inspiring, creative and exciting as possible.

cotton pickers
2. How well your show describes Fairtrade cotton

If you are to get broad support for your campaign, students will want to know what’s wrong with the clothing industry as it stands, and how Fairtrade cotton improves the lives of farmers in the global south. You could do this in many ways, including getting someone to speak at your show, giving a presentation yourself, providing information to give out or showing films. Our page describing the problems in the global clothing industry are there to help you out, and the Fairtrade foundation website provides helpful answers to questions you may have.

And most importantly…

Sample Wear Fair petition to school or college

Download our petition to use at your show

3. How successfully you use your show to gain support for your Wear Fair campaign

The aim of doing a Wear Fair fashion show is to make a lasting impact in your school or college, by gaining support for the campaign for Fairtrade cotton unforms or sports kits in your school or college.You may want to do this by collecting signatures from those who attend or any other creative way which demonstrates to the management at your school and college that people want Fairtrade cotton.