Student trustee election winners 2023

People & Planet is a democratic and student-led network. The 2023 student trustee elections took place place from the 23rd February to 21st March.

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Meet you new student trustees! 

Lavanya Rajendran

Hi, I'm Lavanya Rajendran, wellbeing and community officer at the University of East London Students' Union. I have been working to make sure that the university is a safe space to take care of students' wellbeing. I have been campaigning on issues that affect students nationally including cost-of-living crisis, sexual violence awareness and environmental sustainability.

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Diana Volpe

Hi all! My name is Diana Volpe, and I’m a PhD student in the Refugees Studies Centre at Oxford. I have been involved in grassroots campaigning and activism in different countries and contexts all my adult life, mostly around asylum and migrant rights, but also reproductive and environmental justice. In Oxford I have started the P&P Divest Borders campaign, which in two years has grown into a committed community both inside and outside the university.  

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How do the elections work?

Voting is done using proportional representation, using the Single Transferable Vote system which is a system of ranking candidates in order of preference so that the candidates with the broadest support win. Check out this short video from Southampton Students' Union which explains the Single Transferable Vote System in 2 minutes with Homer Simpson!