April 2013

adidas agree to 'pay up'

Photo of PT Kizone worker protest

Students and workers forced German sportswear giant adidas to compensate 2,700 former Indonesian garment workers who produced sports apparel at PT Kizone, an adidas supplier factory that closed down.

The settlement came after a powerful international campaign over adidas’s prior refusal to pay $1.8 million in unpaid severance pay following the closure of PT Kizone. The announcement came just days after students across the UK took to the high streets demanding that sportswear firm Footlocker drop adidas over its failure to pay workers.

"Infinite thanks… thanks to the solidarity of all [our] friends. Both in Europe and in America and even around the world…… we will continue to fight together to improve the plight of factory workers throughout the world." Aslam Hidayat, leader of the PT Kizone workers’ union.