Template Divest Barclays Motion

Work with your elected SU Councillors (or get elected yourself!)  and student officers to pass a Divest Barclays policy through the Students’ Council mandating the SU to support your campaign and boycott Barclays themselves

Use the template Divest Barclays motion to get started.

The SU notes that:

  • Barclays finance fossil fuel projects around the world including oil pipelines in the US, Tar Sands in Canada and coal mines in Australia Indonesia and Colombia.
  • There is a national movement led by People & Planet demanding that Barclays divest from all fossil fuel projects

The SU believes that:

  • To avert catastrophic climate change, fossil fuels need to stay in the ground and no new fossil fuel projects can be financed.
  • Barclays is complicit in the harms of climate change by financing such projects.

The SU revolves to:

  • Support People & Planet’s Divest Barclays campaign
  • Have no dealings with Barclays regarding advertising, sponsorship and recruitment
  • Remove Barclays ATM in the SU building
  • Lobby the University to cut all ties with Barclays