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Divest Borders Declaration

People & Planet's Divest Borders campaign is a student movement fighting for a world free from border violence. To that end, we are calling on all universities to divest from companies that profit from the human rights abuses inflicted on migrating people in the UK and across the globe.

For universities without existing portfolios,  we have developed the Divest Borders declaration through which institutions can commit to excluding the border industry from any future investments. 

the declaration

>>insert name of institution<< has no investments in the border industry and commits to ensuring that they will be excluded from any future investments we make.

We want to protect the rights of all people who move and to play a role in ensuring that no one faces persecution on the basis of their place of birth or immigration status.

We do not wish to profit from companies making money from enforcing the hostile environment. We will have no ties with those who build walls, imprison people in detention centres, surveil racialised communities or separate families with deportation flights.

Universities exist for the public good, from conducting life-changing research to educating the global citizens and leaders of tomorrow. One role of the academic community is to examine and shine light on those industries that systematically cause harm, not to legitimate and profit from them. 

We are determined to centre justice in our investment strategy, and recognise that this necessitates the exclusion of all companies profiting from the detention, deportation, surveillance and persecution of migrants.

Our university is a globally responsible institution and commits to permanent disengagement with the border industry as an act of solidarity with those facing border violence in the UK and across the world.  

We view this decision as us embracing our role as an international community and reflective of our desire to protect the human rights of all people. 

To this effect, the university declares that:

It currently holds no investments in the border industry.
It will never invest in these companies.


If your uni has no investments but hasn't signed the declaration, get in touch below to chat about how we can make it happen.