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Electronics Watch - information for university staff

Solving issues of worker rights abuses, low pay, poor conditions and modern slavery is no small task. It’s even more difficult if individual institutions try to go it alone to tackle the problems without working with others.

Electronics Watch offers universities the opportunity to work together, pool resources and collaborate in order to improve ethics within their ICT supply chains. By affiliating to Electronics Watch, institutions are able to access:

  • Transparency in their supply chains – finding out where the factories that produce the ICT harware they purchase are.

  • Human rights embedded into contracts with ICT firms.

  • Independent, worker-driven monitoring of factories to ensure contractor compliance with human rights clauses.

  • Coordinated work to achieve remedial action in factories if violations have been identified.

Despite only beginning active monitoring of factories in 2016, Electronics Watch has already made huge improvements for workers’ lives, from the Czech Republic to the Philippines and from China to Thailand. Confiscated legal documents have been returned to staff, workers facing retrenchment have been reinstated and disparities in pay between directly and indirectly employed workers have been addressed. This wouldn’t have been possible by any one institution acting alone.

What’s the Cost?

The cost of affiliating to Electronics Watch varies depending on the amount an institution spends on ICT each year on average. For institutions who spend less than 5 million Euros on ICT each year, the annual affiliation fee is 1% of ICT hardware spending or 5,000 Euros, whichever is lower. For institution who spend more than 5 million Euros on ICT each year, the annual affiliation fee is 0.1% of ICT hardware spending, up to a maximum of 60,000 Euros.

Where can I find more information?

For more information on how Electronics Watch can support you to reform your supply chains, how to affiliate or anything else, contact sweatshopfree@peopleandplanet.org or visit the Electronics Watch website.