We are the change: National Day of Action

Student activists in the UK and Ireland are taking part in a day of action on the 19th November, in response to their universities’ inaction in response to climate breakdown. Last year we said that time was up for divestment, and yet there are some that still hold investments in the fossil fuel industry. But your inaction means that we will have to enact the change we want to see. We have the power to make our universities fossil free. We, the students, are our universities. WE ARE THE CHANGE.

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Standing in solidarity with those around the world on the front-lines of extraction and environmental injustice

We are acting in solidarity with those around the world on the front-lines of extraction and environmental injustice. There is no excuse to still hold investments in companies that violate indigenous and human rights, and wreck the planet for the profit of a few individuals. Our institutions need to step up and cut their ties with the fossil fuel industry.

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To sign up for the day of action, enter your details in the purple box and we’ll direct you to you local university group and give you some information on how to get started.

Together, we are demanding that universities take our popular calls for divestment seriously and put their own students' futures ahead of their vested interests in the fossil fuel industry which profits from climate crisis. We are asking all divestment groups to join the National Day of Action for Divestment by escalating their own campaign. If you have already won, take action in solidarity with ongoing divestment campaigns, or tackle fossil fuel finance by doing a Divest Barclays action.

To help you with planning your action, we have put together a resource guide with more information. Among others, it includes a list of action ideas, some legal notes and a press release template! As always, if you need more help, don't hesitate to get in touch.


A great way to make people feel involved in the run up to an action is to host an event where everyone gets together and paints banners, placards, and any other materials you want to use on the day. Please email dayofaction19@peopleandplanet.org if you need support with getting money from your SU.


Climate Justice is supported by a broad coalition of people. Reach out to societies on your campus that might be able to support the action. Get in touch with groups you know are passionate about climate justice and ask if they will support your divestment action online, or even invite their own members to attend on the day! If you're stuck for ideas on who to contact, here is a list of some societies you might want to start reaching out to:

Political party student groups, feminist societies, BME societies, LGBT+societies, Sustainability societies, Environmental societies, Amnesty International, Palestine Society, Oxfam, local climate groups such as Friends of the Earth.


If you can't make it to an action near you, you can still help by putting pressure on your university. Use the hashtags #FossilFree #WeAreTheChante and tweet your support for the National Day of Action calling for university divestment. Feel free to copy and paste this message if you can't think of your own!

Support those around the world on the front-lines of extraction and environmental injustice. Join the National day of action for university divestment, there’s no excuse to hold fossil fuel investments in 2019. #FossilFree #WeAreTheChange