Help fund People & Planet

Supporting the People & Planet network to run campaigns for social and environmental justice costs money! We have a small staff team who develop campaign strategies, produce action guides and other resources, deliver skills and issues workshops, host national events, and much more. As a charity we also have to do the dull stuff too, like the finances, fundraising, and HR.

Give us your money :)

The easiest way to help People & Planet raise money, if you can afford it, is to donate to us. Monthly donations are really useful to us as they help our financial planning, though you can also make a one-off donation.

FAN Club

If you set up a regular donation of £3 or more per month you’ll automatically become a member of our Fundraising and Activist Network Club. As well as a big thank you from us and the warm glow of knowing you’re helping make the world a better place for everybody, you’ll also get a regular newsletter so that you can see what your donations are achieving.

Take on a challenge

Run a marathon, do a parachute jump, do a bike ride or a swim. There are loads of activities that you can be sponsored to do.

Or, if you’re less active … how about a sponsored silence, a baked bean bath, getting your head shaved, or set a world record for eating the most different flavours of crisps in two minutes – let your imagination run wild!

You can use the People & Planet fundraising platform to collect your sponsorship funding.

Other ideas

There are lots of other ways that you can fundraise for People & Planet.

You could host an event. How about a film night, a fashion show, a comedy or music benefit gig, a pub quiz, or a curry night?

Or you could sell stuff. Cakes, hand-made arts and crafts, home-grown plants and seedlings, or second hand stuff you don’t want any more.

If your birthday's coming up, how about setting up a Facebook Fundraiser for People & Planet?

If your uni has a RAG society, you could get People & Planet nominated. We can help you fill out an application form – drop us a line at

Free money!

The Ethical Shop is a one-stop shop sells a range of ethical products from fair trade to organic, recycled to vegan. The also stock books published by the New International at a 20% discount. If you use our link, People & Planet will get 10% of the total amount that you spend.

You can shop online at over 4,300 shops and People & Planet will get a percentage of your total spend at no extra cost to you. Create a free account now so your shopping can help fund People & Planet.

Check out our fundraising guide for more ideas on how you can help support People & Planet.

Buy & Sell our merch

We've got t-shirts, tote bags, hoodies and much more! All products are made from organic cotton in sweatshop free and wind-powered factories. There is a range of designs, and a feature where you can modify the designs or create your own from scratch. Pop over to our shop and pick your fave designs.

How we can help

If you’re fundraising for People & Planet, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Please do let us know about your fundraising at As well as saying thank you again, we might be able to help you by, for example:

  • Promoting your fundraising through our social media.
  • Providing text and graphics that you can use for fundraising materials.
  • Sending you merchandising products for events.

Please also get in touch if you have any questions about fundraising for People & Planet.