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Get Involved with People & Planet

We’re excited you want to get involved with the UK’s largest student network working to end world poverty, defend human rights and protect the environment.

From waves of sit-ins in the US civil rights movement to global campaigns to end Barclays investment in Apartheid South Africa, student movements have a long history of standing up against injustice and acting in solidarity with those suffering oppression.

People & Planet is part of a long tradition of student movements fighting for a better world. Already students in the People & Planet network have:

  • pushed 42 UK universities to commit to divest from the fossil fuel industry
  • forced Adidas to pay $1.8 million in legally owed redundancy payments to Indonesian workers as part of an international solidarity campaign
  • helped 1,200 Honduran workers get their jobs back following the world’s largest ever garment boycott

Our student network includes feminists redefining gender and oppression, anti-racist activists exposing how colonialism permeates popular culture and institutional power, climate campaigners pushing for a clean energy future, and students calling for migrants rights to be upheld.

Whatever your interests, People & Planet will support you to fight for social, economic and environmental justice. People & Planet isn’t made of professional campaigners – it’s made of student activists like you, who democratically decide which campaigns we work on nationally. Currently, we are running three campaigns: Fossil Free, Sweatshop Free and Undoing Borders.

Although all of our groups are autonomous, many run the campaigns chosen by the network. People & Planet’s support office produces and distributes resources on these campaigns and offers training workshops on how to run them as well as on general activist skills.