Go Green week 2021: solidarity across borders

Why can there be no climate justice without migrant justice? What are the links between climate change, borders and migrants' rights? What do the expansion of the border industry and violent border policies have to do with the climate crisis? Students across the UK will be tackling these issues during this year's digital Go Green Week.

Join us for a week of events and action from 22nd - 26nd February, to learn and take climate action grounded in solidarity with migrants and communities on the front lines of climate change.

Solidarity Across Borders and Climate Action

With the defence industry set to make increasing profits from the climate crisis, millions of people from the Global South being displaced by extreme weather events each year (despite being responsible for only 1% of emissions) and historically-rooted colonialism, exploitation, racism and xenophobia persisting within a highly polarised and tense global political landscape, it is imperative that activists couple climate justice with migrant justice and demilitarisation.

The pandemic and Brexit have only deepened the divisions and borders between us. It is now more important than ever to understand the interconnections existing between these issues. 

Join us during Go Green Week in order to learn more about these global challenges and to enrich and expand your current student campaign, whether you’re fighting for your university to divest from fossil fuels or to put an end to the hostile environment on campus.

Solidarity between groups and campuses in taking urgent climate action is more necessary than ever!

A week of digital events and action

Find links to the various events throughout the week below:

Go to our Facebook event!
Fri 26th Feb: Day of Action
If you'd like to get involved or find out more, send us an email at gogreenweek@peopleandplanet.org, or get in touch on social media!