Power Shift: Training for Change 2020

A five day training open to all young people who want to shift power from big business and elites to people who believe that another world is possible.

Giants Seat Scout Camp, Off Ringley Road West
Manchester M26 1DY

Amidst today's darkening clouds, hope is shining as bright as ever.

As we face climate breakdown, the hardening of borders, and an economy squeezing ever more from the most precarious, we are told there's little to do but continue business-as-usual. 

But there are other visions for the world, and people fighting for it tooth-and-nail. Students have led social struggles in Chile, India, France and beyond. We too can build power in every campus and every town for a better world. To win, our organising  needs to be strategic, creative and coordinated. At Power Shift 2020 120 students will come together and gain the tools to run winning campaigns for climate and social justice, as part of a radical national network. Join us to talk media, campaign strategy, faciliation skills, non-violent direct action and so much more.

For many UK students, austerity has been our only economic reality. It is against this backdrop that youth strikers have taken to the streets to demand action on climate change. Neoliberal capitalism has led to insecure housing, food and jobs, with migrants denied access to the most basic public goods. This is reflected in our universities, where staff have been striking against the marketisation of education. This is just one fight amidst a global upsurge in struggles for justice and equality. 

World leaders and corporations are slowly waking up to the realisation that their days of polluting and exploitation are numbered. We have 10 years to halve carbon emissions, and we have to ensure that this transformation is led by those hit hardest. We need a just transition. We must hold accountable the profiteers responsible for the climate crisis. We need climate justice. With COP26 being hosted in Glasgow, we must build power with Global South justice movements, highlight the UK's role in climate colonialism and build solidarity beyond borders. 

You’re invited to follow in the footsteps of People & Planet students for over fifty years and be part of a student movement fighting for social justice on UK university campuses and beyond.

Come and draw on the experiences of student campaigners from across the UK and elsewhere. Get to know other like-minded people and strategise how you can launch (and win!) campaigns that tackle the root causes of injustice. There’ll be workshops to feed the brain, yummy vegan food to feed the stomach, and fun and games galore.

Over the 5 days of this participatory training you will:

Organise to win! Get the tools you need to fight injustice wherever you are. 

Join a network of student organisers! Get to know and learn from some of the most inspiring student organisers across Europe.

Explore the root causes of local and global injustice! It’s only by tackling the root cause of an issue that we will create lasting change. 

Shape national campaigns! Feed into our national campaign strategy for our climate justice campaign.

Tickets & funding

Ticket Price

Prices including breakfast, lunch and dinner for 5 days, and are often funded by Student Unions (see below for more information)

  • Early Bird Power Shift: £42 - to get these, book in early, before 1 June!
  • Solidarity Ticket Power Shift: £65, available from 5 March to 7 July -  these are still subsidized but  they contribute a bit more to the event costs, we encourage you to buy these particularly if you are funded by your SU
  • Power Shift - £50, available from 1 June to  7 July

Weekend and day tickets may become available after 1 June, dependent on availability.
Email powershift@peopleandplanet.org to request reserving one before then.

People & Planet heavily subsidises tickets to Power Shift. The actual costs of the event person is about £250. Your ticket contribution will go towards food costs, venue hire, awesome speakers and workshop facilitators as well as for a few post-it notes, markers and flip chart papers (and we get through a lot!).
Bring cash, drinks and snacks.

People & Planet aspires to create events that are accessible for people of all backgrounds. We recognise the systemic injustices that contribute to a person's economic status and don't want anyone's financial situation to be a barrier to participating in Power Shift.  That's why, if you fail to get funding from the SU, we have limited funds to subsidise tickets and travel for people who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend.

If you are struggling to find the money for the ticket and travel to attend Power Shift, please contact us at powershift@peopleandplanet.org

Get funding from you SU

You can apply to your Student's Union to get money for tickets and travel for you and other members in your group. Here is a handy guide that explains how to do it.



Bring a tent, sleeping bag, yoga mat and anything else you need to feel comfortable! If you want to apply for dorm space, please write to us at powershift@peopleandplanet.org.


Power Shift is fully catered, with breakfast, lunch and dinner all included in the ticket price. The food at the event is all vegan. Bring extra cash for snacks and drinks. When booking, please let us know if you have any dietary requirements we should cater for.


The site is accessible, and we will seek to make reasonable adjustments for anyone who has concerns about site access. To discuss this in more detail, please contact us at powershift@peopleandplanet.org.

What to bring

  • Tent, roll mat and sleeping bag
  • Hay fever tablets (it's a field -there's lots of grass) and any other medications you need
  • Torch
  • Warm clothes and waterproofs
  • Summer clothes, sun hat and sun-cream
  • Pen and paper
  • Soap and towel (hot showers are available)
  • Musical instruments for the evening and/or a talent for our legendary talent show
  • Print out of directions to the site and our mobile phone number (this will be emailed to all attendees)
  • Any skills, strategies or ideas you want to share
  • A rucksack to carry it all in