Power Shift: Online Training for Change 2020

A two week online training open to all young people who want to shift power from big business and elites to people who believe that another world is possible. 8 - 22 July

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As you hear everywhere, these are strange times. 

Every year Power Shift brings together student organisers from across Europe. We aim to strengthen networks, share experience and gain or sharpen tools to campaign for social justice within universities.

We’ve decided that although we can’t come together physically as we usually do, we’re going to take Power Shift online. Universities aren’t working as we are used to and some of these changes might be longer-lasting, but that makes it more important than ever to re-group, to think creatively and strategically.

We can’t afford to lose sight of what we continue to work towards in the long-term. Workers’, migrant and climate justice are at the very heart of the world we must build from here - join us in collective struggle for that future.

Power Shift 2020 will be a Two Week SerieS of digital workshops, events and other opportunities to build radical student networks. 

Join us to talk media, campaign strategy, facilitation skills, non-violent direct action and so much more.

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Before the pandemic hit, the past year was rocked with mass uprisings against the neoliberal order. From Chile to Iraq to France, hundreds upon thousands - students prominent among them - rose up demanding a different kind of world.

The pandemic has dragged injustice into even starker light. The most precarious workers have been abandoned in favour of big business, while those in healthcare toil to plug the gaping holes left by austerity. Conditions in refugee camps and detention centres make a farce of social distancing. Many, including starving children and students, are subject to immigration-status based exclusions from crisis support. Meanwhile, the same governments that have abandoned people year after year, telling us there is no money for our schools, our hospitals, our communities, that migrants are the real threat to jobs and services - those same governments find an endless pool from which to bail fossil fuel companies out of their current plummet. 

Now we are urged to return to business as usual. We have already begun to refuse. Unions are agitating - not only for their own members’ safety, but for the closure of the detention and deportation estate. Renters have moved to strike at unprecedented scale. Everywhere, political organisers are thinking hard about what to fight for, and how. We can’t just take the beaten track, because there isn’t one. We have to hold on to all the things we've fought for, and open up new paths. 

To win, our organising to be strategic, creative and coordinated - and it needs to take root everywhere.

Join us at Power Shift to strengthen the fight at your university.

Over the two weeks of participatory training you will:

ORGANISE TO WIN! Get the tools you need to fight injustice wherever you are.

JOIN A NETWORK OF STUDENT ORGANISERS! Get to know and learn from some of the most inspiring student organisers across Europe.

EXPLORE THE ROOT CAUSES OF LOCAL ANG GLOBAL INJUSTICE! It's only by tackling the root cause of an issue that we will create lasting change.

SHAPE NATIONAL CAMPAIGNS! Feed into our national campaign strategy for our climate justice campaign.