Key Organisers

People & Planet couldn’t run without our extensive network of volunteers and organisers. Historically, each year, we have recruited a team to organise in their region. Those students would then go on to run fantastic regional events packed full of workshops, talks and discussions for our network to attend, as well as supporting People & Planet’s outreach work.

However, in this pandemic ‘Region’ has lost its meaning. So this year we are transforming ‘Regional’ into ‘Key’ Organiser training!

We will work with participants to create a skilled up network of Key Organisers that will help us to sustain the People & Planet / campaign groups we have across the UK during this time of ongoing instability, as well as the wider People & Planet network. This role will involve creating inclusive and accessible online meeting spaces that allow for meaningful campaign work to take place, planning and participating in digital days of action and perhaps being involved with online regional events - if there is one planned in your university’s area.

Apply now to be a Key Organiser for 2020-2021

We are recruiting for Key Organisers for 2020-2021 to support, create, cultivate and sustain your People & Planet/campaigning group, allowing it to grow and organise effective campaigns this forthcoming pandemic year. Applications are open until midnight on Monday 7th September 2020.

Download the role description and apply

The Key Organiser training will take place across four Wednesdays from Wednesday the 16th September to Wednesday the 7th October. It will consist of two online two-hour sessions each week.

Our Approach

People & Planet’s methods are deeply participatory. We have a commitment to organising for collective liberation, and believe that democracy and autonomy are crucial to enabling this. We will equip our Key Organisers with the skills to create inclusive and accessible online meeting spaces that people want to keep organising through. We will also support participants with the skills to make their organising sustainable and enduring. These processes will create spaces for us to connect our lives to structural problems, and enable us to be the change we want in the world.

Becoming a People & Planet Key Organiser is a great opportunity to learn teamwork, facilitation and campaigning skills that will equip you for future opportunities. The skills you will learn as a Key Organiser can be used for future campaigns, jobs and other voluntary positions.

What does being a Key Organiser involve?

As a Key Organiser you will attend eight training sessions across the course of September and into early October (two two-hour sessions on Zoom each Wednesday, from the 16th September - 7th October). Throughout the year you will play an active role in cultivating and sustaining a strong People & Planet / campaign group at your university, organising online meetings and, of course, campaigning! You might also want to use the opportunity to build a network across the UK, communicating and working with other student groups organising at different universities. For example, through planning and participating coordinated national days of action.

Over the course of the year, the role of the Key Organiser will emerge in response to the context of how the pandemic plays out in the university sector, so there might be more opportunities if more becomes possible! 

What will People & Planet support me to achieve as a Key Organiser?

Key Organisers will feel confident and capable to play key organising roles, and create space for People & Planet groups to meet, plan, and accomplish change. They will be able to bring people into their groups, whether pre-existing or new and will be able to distribute work among group members in a way that doesn’t burn out and burden individuals, creating a more sustainable culture of organising.

Key Organisers will be able to run horizontally organised groups, sharing power, skills, and navigating difficult dynamics and they will feel comfortable with the new digital context in which to be organising collective action for change. They will be able to understand how to provide clarity and momentum to keep groups going all year and retain members. This will also support the People & Planet network to continue consisting of strong groups who are holding regular, structured meetings that allow them to carry out meaningful campaign work.

What support will I get as a Key Organiser?

You'll attend the training course from September-October (two online two-hour sessions each Wednesday from the 16th September to the 7th October). You will learn everything from how to plan and facilitate accessible and inclusive online meeting spaces and how to manage power dynamics, to how to make decisions (consensus and conflict) and retain people.

Throughout the year we will give you ongoing mentoring and support, support organising meetings, debriefing challenges that arise in your planning and delivery of them and anything else that arises for you as you cultivate and sustain your group on campus.

Who can be a Key Organiser?

Any student can apply to be a Key Organiser if they are part of an already established group or want to get a group set up. This includes students from Higher Education institutions all around the UK (Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland). You can apply if you are someone who has never been involved in People & Planet before but wants to get involved or someone with some experience of People & Planet campaigns.

How can I apply?

Complete an application form and send it to  You may also print and post it to Recruitment, People & Planet, CARE OF: Laura Clayson, 67 Dunloe Avenue, Tottenham, N17 6LB.  Applications are open until midnight on Monday 7th September 2020.

Download Key Organiser Role Description and Application Form


I have learned so much about the place of student mobilizing in the context of movement building, how to organise and promote successful events, and how to impart important strategic campaigning skills to win changes for social justice across universities in the UK! - Regional Organiser Participant 2016