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Student-led campaigns

People & Planet believes that to build a truly democratic movement, we’ve got to start from the bottom up. That’s why all our campaigns are democratically chosen by students and the groups in the People & Planet network have full autonomy on which campaigns they run and how those campaigns are organised.

People & Planet Democracy

People & Planet strives to be student-led by:

  • supporting campaigns that our student network has democratically chosen;
  • providing skills training to empower students to run the campaigns of their choice; and
  • having over 50% student representation on our Board of Trustees.

Student-led campaigns

Although most of the groups in the network run at least one campaign that has been democratically chosen at Power Shift, you don’t have to run one of those campaigns or be a People & Planet group to get support from us and attend our trainings. Many groups in the network use consensus-based decision making to make sure that all their members can input on the direction and organisation of their campaigns.

Watch this space for more information about student-led campaign development for our current campaigns