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Regional Organisers

People & Planet couldn’t run without our extensive network of volunteers and organisers. Each year, we recruit a team to organise in their region. Those students go on to run fantastic regional events packed full of workshops, talks and discussions for our network to attend. Not only that, but they support People & Planet’s outreach work by assisting groups at freshers’ fairs and running training workshops.

Apply now to be a Regional Organiser for 2019-2020

We are recruiting for Regional Organisers for 2019-2020 to organise Regional Events, deliver skills trainings, and help create a stronger network of People & Planet in their region. Applications are open until midnight on 14th July 2019.

Download the role description and apply

The Regional Organiser training will take place in Oxford Tuesday 20th - Saturday 24th August 2019. Travel, food and accommodation for this is fully covered by People & Planet.

Our Approach

People & Planet’s methods are deeply participatory. We have a commitment to organising for collective liberation, and believe that democracy and autonomy are crucial to enabling this. We equip our Regional Organisers with the skills to create accessible events and lead workshops with activities which might range from role plays and group challenges, to small group discussions and movement. These processes create spaces for us to connect our lives to structural problems, and enable us to be the change we want in the world.

Being a People & Planet Regional Organiser is a great opportunity to learn events, teamwork, facilitation and campaigning skills that will equip you for future opportunities. The skills you learn as a Regional Organiser can be used for future campaigns, jobs and other voluntary positions.

What does being a Regional Organiser involve?

As a Regional Organiser you will attend a 5 days training course in August. Throughout the year you will be part of creating a strong network within your region, organising a regional event, running workshops and communicating and working with student groups across your region.

What support will I get as a Regional Organiser?

You'll attend the training course in August ( arriving Tuesday 20th and leaving Saturday 24th August 2018) where you will learn how to facilitate workshops, how to run events and about our campaigns. Through out the year we will give you ongoing mentoring and support, supporting organising the regional events and workshop delivery. Regional Organisers also get the chance to specialise in a particular area, from creative campaigning to group empowerment, from campaign escalation to events organising.

Who can be a Regional Organiser?

Any student or recent college or university graduate can apply to be a Regional Organiser, this includes students and recent graduates from Further Education and Higher Education institutions all around the UK (Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland). You can apply if you are someone who has never been involved in People & Planet before but wants to get involved or someone with some experience of People & Planet campaigns.

How can I apply?

Complete an application form and send to volunteer@peopleandplanet.org
You may also print and post it to Recruitment, People & Planet, The Old Music Hall, 106-108 Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1JE. Applications are open until midnight on 14th July 2019.

Download Regional Organiser Role Description and Application Form


I have learned so much about the place of student mobilizing in the context of movement building, how to organise and promote successful events, and how to impart important strategic campaigning skills to win changes for social justice across universities in the UK! - Regional Organiser Participant 2016