Students hold a banner saying Barclays. Profit over people.
12-16 February 2016

Go Green Week 2018

For Go Green Week 2018, People & Planet are supporting students across the UK to escalate the movement for climate justice.

We’re demanding that banks stop financing fossil fuel extraction which drives the climate crisis and global human rights abuses. Launched in September 2017, students are demanding that Barclays – the dirtiest UK high-street bank - to ditch all fossil fuel finance.

Students campaigning for fossil fuel divestment have taken UK universities by storm and left the fossil fuel industry’s reputation at an all-time low. By December 2017 60 unis had made some kind of fossil free commitment. The fossil fuel industry is weak after we’ve severely damaged their social license to operate; now is our chance to take away what they need most: money.

During Go Green Week 2018, together we can get educated through films screenings and workshops; imagine a world of fossil free finance through webinars and campaign planning; skill-up to escalate our campaigns so we can win; develop relationships of solidarity with the front-line communities through online discussions; and build popular support for a world of fossil free finance and climate justice by organising on our campuses and in our communities.


Monday: Get Educated

Join People & Planet and SOAS Fossil Free Finance society in London to launch #GGW18 with an exclusive screening of the film To The Ends Of The Earth, featuring extra special guests involved in the film’s production. Book you free place here [link]

[Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre, SOAS, Monday 12th February 2018. Free entry.]

The film, To The Ends Of The Earth, follows concerned citizens living at the frontiers of extreme oil and gas extraction, bearing witness to a global crossroads. They call for human ingenuity to rebuild society at the end of the fossil fuel era.
The people we meet are uniquely positioned to watch this global crossroads unfold.

"To the Ends of the Earth" brings forward the voices of those who not only denounce the rise of extreme energy, but also envision the new world that is taking shape in its stead: a future beyond the resource pyramid, a post-growth economy.

Read more here:

Not in London? The first 15 groups to sign up to show the film as part of Go Green Week receive the license for a hugely discounted rate of £125. Get in touch with us at to organise a screening, and for advice on how to fund the license fee through your SU.

Tuesday: Build Solidarity

The campaign for fossil free finance is fundamentally about supporting struggles for justice in communities most affected by fossil fuel extraction.

Join People & Planet and National Union of Students (NUS) as we host a webinar discussion with representatives from front lines against climate colonialism around the world. Hear their stories of resistance and learn about what you can do to support them in your campaigns.

Wednesday: Organise on Campus

When we make demands of powerful actors like banks and universities, we need to be able to step up the pressure.

Request a workshop on campaign escalations and we’ll send a trained member of People & Planet staff or student organiser to come to your campus and get your group skilled up to take your fossil free finance campaign to the next level using creative tactics, direct action and reputational damage.

Thursday: Escalate

Join student campaigners from campuses across the country to hear about calls for fossil free finance, the campaign for Barclays to divest from extractive projects, and how the campaign is going at universities across the UK.

Friday: Build That Movement

We want 10,000 people on campuses across the UK to pledge to boycott Barclays calling for them to ditch fossil fuels by the end of Go Green Week 2018.

Can you help by signing up 500-1000 people on your campus? Using the People & Planet petition tool, signatures calling on your University to boycott Barclays feed into the national petition too.

Use this as an opportunity to convince people on campus of our demands for fossil free finance and invite them along to future meetings, events and actions if they’re interested.