Summer 2013

Reversed Government's decision to remove climate change from curriculum

People & Planet students hand in petition to Government

Education Secretary Michael Gove decided to drop climate change from the curriculum. People & Planet supporters joined thousands of people around the country in telling Gove and Energy Secretary Ed Davey not to be stupid on the climate, and managed to reverse their decision.

Over 66,000 people signed petitions to keep climate change in the curriculum. Pupils from across the country joined People & Planet’s Education Team at the Department for Education to hand in our petition telling Michael Gove not to cut climate change from the Geography curriculum for under 14s.

After months of campaigning by students and teachers all over the UK, Gove listened to our voices and announced he’ll drop plans to remove climate change from the school curriculum.

People & Planet’s Green Education Declaration for schools and colleges

Students in schools and colleges across the country were also transforming the education sector, using everything from photo petitions to college open days to clothes-swapping events to make your voices heard. As a result, this year saw the first 8 signatories to People & Planet’s Green Education Declaration for schools and colleges - a public commitment to get serious about the environment.

"We fully recognise our role as beacons of good practice and our duty to inspire positive sustainable behaviours in our students and the wider community. We aim to embed sustainability throughout our curriculum, and look forward to increasing environmental awareness among our students this year in our exciting collaboration with People & Planet." Harrow College