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(logo) Power Shift Training for Change 5-9 July 2017

Power Shift: Training for Change 2017

A five day training open to all students who want to shift power from big business and elites to people who believe that another world is possible.

Tickets available on the door.

Power Shift was the most open and welcoming environment to be in. I came by myself, without any experience of campaigning, and left with so much knowledge, having met so many friendly and like-minded people, and confident enough to start up a People & Planet group at my university. I can’t recommend it enough!

Emily swain, Kent university

5-9 July 2017 at Giant's Seat Scout and Community Campsite, Off Ringley Road West, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 1DY

Update: New site mobile: 07908 066 460

Power Shift is a 5 day training camp that will bring together some of the most inspiring organisers in the UK. We hope to leave you powered up and charged to fight xenophobia, neoliberalism and climate injustice.

The right has gained considerable power over the last few years, and we’re running out of time to shift away from rule by elite power, towards justice. Join us this Summer to help create a power shift from a politics of division and persecution to a politics of solidarity.

2016 saw decades of neo-liberalism and xenophobia in communities and the media create Trump and Brexit victories. It was also the hottest year on record.Combined, these forces have devastating impacts for poor people, black, brown, indigenous people, women and nonbinary folk, and for millions of people in Central Asia, across the Horn of Africa, and in the Pacific who cannot protect themselves from the climate crisis that industrialised countries created in the first place.

How can we create a powerful politics of solidarity capable of winning change for climate, social and economic justice? This is the task of our generation. All over the world people are rising up against racism, economic exploitation and climate injustice. Banks, big business and elites are powerful. But together, we are more powerful.

Join students and organisations from across the UK and Ireland at Power Shift 2017 coming together to:

  1. develop powerful strategies to win tangible change;

  2. learn and share skills to take the fight for transformational change into every space; and

  3. explore how we can create power beyond privilege and build movements of solidarity that take leadership from communities most impacted.

Day by Day

Wed 5 July: Join the Dots and Get Connected

What does it mean to win climate justice, workers’ rights and build a borderless world? Meet students from across the UK and Ireland, get connected and learn from one another.

Thurs 6 July: Winning a Just Transition

Fight in solidarity with communities resisting fossil fuel extraction, and build a movement with collective liberation at its heart.

Fri 7 July: Skill Up Rise Up

Develop strategic skills to mobilise students in support of workers rights globally. Campaign to win by building power and practical solidarity.

Sat 8 July: A Future Without Borders

Establish networks of solidarity between migrants and non-migrants post-Brexit. Challenge the media and the border industry.

Sun 9 July: Another World is Possible

What does a world without human and environmental destruction look like? How do we build movements that are led by the people most impacted by injustice?



Ticket Price

Prices including breakfast, lunch and dinner for 5 days:

  • Early Bird Tickets: £40
    Purchase your ticket by Friday 16 June to get your discounted early bird ticket for £40
  • Full Price: £48
  • Weekend ticket: £25
  • Day ticket: £15

Online booking for Power Shift are now closed. Tickets are available at the registration desk on site.

People & Planet cover the cost of hiring the venue and bringing awesome speakers together. Your ticket price covers the cost of food for your 5 days with us, and for a few post-it notes, markers and flip chart papers (and we get through a lot!). Bring cash for alcoholic drinks, if you drink (there will be a designated dry area at the site if you don’t).

People & Planet aspires to create events that are accessible for people of all backgrounds. We recognise the systemic injustices that contribute to a person's economic status and don't want anyone's financial situation to be a barrier to participating in Power Shift.  That's why, if you fail to get funding from the SU, we're subsidising the costs of the event for people who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend.

If you are struggling to find the money for the ticket and travel to attend Power Shift, please contact us at powershift@peopleandplanet.org

Get funding from you SU

You can apply to your Student's Union to get money for tickets and travel for you and other members in your group. Here is a handy guide that explains how to do it.

How to get to the site

This year, we'll be setting up at the fabulous Giant's Seat Scout and Community Campsite, Off Ringley Road West, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 1DY. If you are driving please contact us to book parking and you can't drive on to site.

To get the site by public transport:

  1. Take the train to Manchester Piccadilly station.
  2. From there you'll need to take a the tram to Radcliffe (line C to Bury),
  3. followed by a bus from Radcliffe Tram Station stop D to Wood St. on Ringley Road West. If the bus driver has not heard of Wood St (this happened to me!) tell them it's near the Ringley Car Sales garage on Ringley Road West.
  4. From the Wood St. stop follow cardboard signs, it's just a short 10 min walk through the woods to the Giant Seat's Campsite.

There is no bus service after 7pm from Radcliffe to the site, so we will be arranging a shuttle minibus service. If you will be arriving into Radcliffe late in the evening (after 7pm), please let us know in advance by contacting powershift@peopleandplanet.org

If you have any problems getting to the site, our mobile number for the entire event is 07908 066 460. 


The event runs from Wednesday 5 - Sunday 9 July 2017. Arrivals are from 4pm on Wednesday evening. We have a welcome session starting at 6pm on Wednesday, so you’ll have plenty of time to get settled, set up your camp for the week and get to know a few people! We recommend arriving on Wednesday evening to meet everyone over dinner and games!

We’ll be packing up our tents from 1pm on Sunday, with the event ending at around 4pm on Sunday after an exciting action in Manchester!

If you've booked a weekend only ticket, you can arrive on Friday evening from 5pm onwards. The first workshop will start at 9am on Saturday morning. On Sunday the last workshop will run until 1pm, followed by our action that will finish by 4pm in Manchester.


Most of the accommodation space at the event is camping, so bring a tent, sleeping bag, roll mat and anything else you need to feel comfortable!

The venue does have a limited amount of dormitory space available, and we will have a dormitory designated solely for women and non-binary people. We want to prioritise those with access needs for our dormitory accommodation. Access needs could include, but are not limited: physical, mental or cultural.

If you want to apply for dormitory space, please write to us at powershift@peopleandplanet.org


Power Shift is fully catered, with breakfast, lunch and dinner all included in the ticket price. The food at the event is all vegetarian, with vegan and gluten-free options available. Bring a bit of extra cash for snacks and drinks! When booking, do let us know if you have any dietary requirements we should cater for.


The site is accessible, and we will seek to make reasonable adjustments for anyone who has concerns about site access. To discuss this in more detail, please contact us at powershift@peopleandplanet.org.

What to bring

  • Tent, roll mat and sleeping bag

  • Hay fever tablets (it's a field -there's lots of grass) and any other medications needed

  • Torch

  • Warm clothes and waterproofs

  • Summer clothes, sun hat and sun-cream

  • Pen and paper

  • Soap and towel (hot showers are available)

  • Musical instruments for the evening

  • Cash for the tuck shop: delicious snacks and drinks available

  • Print out of directions to the site and our mobile phone number (this will be emailed to all attendees)

  • A talent for our infamous annual talent show

  • Any skills, strategies or ideas you want to share

  • Any medication you need.






Power Shift 2017 is supported by the Guerilla Foundation