Power shift 2022

5th - 19th July

Join us for Power Shift 2022, a series of 5 incredible online sessions throughout July specifically for student activists, where you'll get the skills you need to take back power and fight for a more just and sustainable world on your campus.

All events are completely free and open to all current students at UK universities. You can come along to the events that most interest you, or all 5 if you want to get the full experience!

Whether you're an experienced activist looking to build up your skills ready for a big year, a student just starting on your activism journey, or a newly elected Student Union officer wanting to make your mark, there is something here for you. Check out the full programme and register for the events below!

The programme

  • Power & Privilege Understanding and tackling the hierarchies and oppressions in our organising spaces is essential to fighting them in the world around us. We're super excited to be starting Power Shift 2022 with a workshop on Power & Privilege.
  • Radical Imagination Panel How do systems of oppression constrain our idea of what is possible? What role is there for a radical imagination in a world defined by oppression and hostility to the idea of a better future? And how can we nurture the seed of a radical imagination in this environment? Join our incredible panel (speakers tbc soon) to hear about this and more.
  • Smash Borders Our universities are currently invested in the companies that inflict and profit from border violence. They legitimate and directly profit from the detention, deportation and surveillance of people at the border. Find out how you can campaign against this at YOUR university.
  • Creative Direct Action When universities don't take us seriously, or refuse our demands, we need to make our point heard in a slightly more exciting way. We're honoured that some wonderful activists from across the movements for climate and migrant justice will be sharing their tips, techniques, and strategies for carrying out incredible direct actions. Join us!
  • Fossil Free Through their investments and their careers services, our universities are propping up the companies most responsible for the climate crisis. Head along to this workshop to get the skills and knowledge you'll need to take on the fossil fuel industry at your university.


Session 1: How to Navigate Power and Privilege

Tuesday 5th July, 4pm

Campaign groups are part of the wider world around us. As campaigners, we all have our own complex identities and exist in this world that is shaped by oppression.

To effectively fight against the hierarchies and oppressions that exist in the world around us, it is essential that we work to tackle power dynamics in our campaign spaces. Learning about how these power dynamics might play out in our groups - and what we can do to tackle them - is an essential part of building a safe, inclusive, effective movement.

Join us for the first event of Powershift 2022 where we'll chat about all that and more!

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Session 2: How to Keep Your Imagination Radical

Thursday 7th July, 4pm

How do systems of oppression act to constrain our conceptions of what is possible? How can we make sure that our imagination stays radical? What could a just world look like? And what role do universities play in opening up (and closing down) possibilities for radical imagination?

Join our incredible panel in conversation about these questions and more. If you're looking for a dose of political inspiration to light the torch in dark times, this is the place for you.

Speakers to be announced soon.

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Session 3: How to Smash Borders on Campus

Tuesday 12th July, 4pm

Our universities legitimate and directly profit from the detention, deportation and surveillance of people through their investments in the companies that inflict and profit from such injustices.

Join this workshop to learn about the border industry and the role that a Divest Borders campaign can play in dismantling it! Get involved today!

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Session 4: How to Take Creative Direct Action

Thursday 14th July, 4pm

Come and learn from the best! Incredible activists from across the movements for climate and migrant justice will be sharing the behind-the-scenes story of some of the most inventive acts of direct action we have seen in recent years.

We'll be learning how they did it, what they have learned over the years, and then will be thinking about how we can take action ourselves.

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Session 5: How to Kick Fossil Fuels Off Campus

Tuesday 19th July, 4pm

The age of the climate crisis is here. Now is the time to end the cozy relationships between universities and the fossil fuel industry.

For too long, our universities have been propping up the very companies that have driven us into climate breakdown. As students, we have the power to fight these relationships and remake our universities for the common good.

This workshop will give you everything you need to know about the movement so far, where we are now, and how to tackle your universities ties to the fossil fuel corporations destroying our climate and perpetuating injustice across the world.

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Accessibility Statement for Power Shift 2022

People & Planet aims to make our events as inclusive as possible within the limits of our resources.

We believe in the social model of disability ‘the concept that disability results from the interaction between a person’s characteristics and their unsuitable environment – not their medical condition.’ (1)  In other words the environment needs to adapt to enable disabled people to participate fully.

We have taken the following steps to enable Power Shift 2022 to be more accessible and will be ensuring all events offer the following:

  • Regular ten minute breaks to enable people to manage sensory issues and have sufficient time for toilet breaks.
  • Ability to leave the event. If the session is proving difficult for any reason, any attendee can leave (and return if they wish) at any time, with no need to explain why.
  • Dyslexia Friendly Slides. We will ensure our slides follow the Dyslexia Friendly guidelines. Though slides will not be available before the session we are happy to supply them afterwards.
  • Screen readers. We will check if participants are using screen readers,  and if they are, will minimise use of chat, and make it clear which number slide is being shared.
  • Spotlight on speakers. We will spotlight speakers to ensure it is easier to follow the conversation.
  • Captioning. We will be using  closed captioning for all our sessions. This is new technology for us, so we will be monitoring closely.
  • Join from browser. We will ensure all events can be joined from the browser and don’t require a Zoom account.
  • Tips for using Zoom. We will share these in advance.

If you have any queries about accessibility or additional needs where you need support, please email Virginia.Moffatt@peopleandplanet.org and we will endeavour to meet your request within resources available.

(1) https://www.allfie.org.uk/definitions/models-of-disability/social-model-...