principles for ethical reporting on migration

People & Planet has worked with young migrants, Migrants' Rights Network and reporters to develop a set of ten principles we are asking journalists and public figures to publicly sign up to, committing to working to change the way the media talks about migrants. If you’re a journalist, writer, editor, journalism lecturer, politician or campaigning group we want you to sign up to and implement these principles.

We want to shift the narrative in the mainstream by working with journalists to encourage these 10 principles of accurate and fair reporting on migration. To co-create a media that does not contribute to the ‘hostile environment’ that has been created in the UK. Our collective vision is to have a media that breaks down the everyday barriers to living life free from hostility and hate for people from a migrant background in the UK.

Journalists make up the media and the list of people supporting these principles is growing fast. Together we can begin making waves of change in the way that migration is reported on, creating a shift in the current mainstream narrative on people from a migrant background in the UK. Join the movement.

The principles

I will work towards a media which:

  1.  Drops the term 'illegal immigrant', replacing it with other terms such as "undocumented migrant", "irregular migrant" or "migrant without regular immigration status".
  2. Uses headlines, images and standfirsts that reflect migration humanely and fairly rather than playing on prejudices and fears.
  3. Has more people from a migrant background in the newsroom.
  4. Seeks out migrant interviewees and treats them with respect.
  5. Enables journalists to stay with the story, remaining informed on changing policy, contexts, and how these play out in migrant communities.
  6. Doesn't portray migrants as "the enemy".
  7. Breaks down perceptions of deserving and undeserving migrants.
  8. Raises awareness of the root causes of displacement.
  9. Investigates the role of corporations in the immigration industry.
  10. Proactively covers every day stories of migrants and their struggles.

By signing up to these principles, I am committing to upholding them in my work.

Sign-up to the Charter principles

Please could you let us know:

  • If you're a writer, editor, journalist, lecturer, campaigning or grassroots group or politician - please let us know your role.
  • Are you signing on behalf of an organisation or as an individual?


  • George Monbiot: The Guardian
  • Caroline Lucas MP: Green Party of England and Wales Co-Leader
  • Jonathan Bartley: Green Party of England and Wales Co-Leader
  • Patrick Harvie MSP: Scottish Green Party Co-Convenor
  • Kerry Anne-Mendoza: Editor in Chief The Canary
  • Josiah Mortimer: Editor Left Foot Forward
  • Amelia Womack: Green Party of England and Wales Deputy Leader
  • Brett Scott: Author of the Heretic's Guide to Global Finance
  • Hazel Healy: Co-Editor New Internationalist
  • Adam Ramsay: Co-Editor Open Democracy
  • Sean Dagan-Wood: Editor in Chief Positive News
  • Jean Lambert MEP: Migration Spokesperson Green Party of England and Wales
  • Clare Hymer: Articles Editor, Novara and Communications Officer, CLASS Think Tank
  • Dalia Gebrial: Novara
  • Caroline Russell: Green Party Member of the London Assembly
  • Sara Naseer: Freelance Journalist
  • Samir Jeraj: Freelance Journalist and Author
  • Joe Lo: Freelance journalist
  • Jack Brindelli: Editor and Journalist Consultancy UK
  • Chris Jarvis, Freelance Writer at The Canary
  • Lisa Smith: Youth Engagement, Travellers' Times
  • Peter Ó Coileáin: The Unapologist
  • Peter Collins: Editor in Chief The Unapologist
  • Tarn Rodgers: Johns: Culture Editor The Unapologist
  • Sabrina Faramarzi: News Editor The Unapologist
  • Jordan Raine: Science Editor The Unapologist
  • David Babushkin: Contributor The Unapologist
  • Sandeep Sandhu: Contributor The Unapologist
  • Laurent Standaert: Editor in Chief Green European Journal
  • Julia Lagoutte: Editorial Assistant Green European Journal
  • Aimee Challenor: LGBTIQA+ Spokesperson Green Party of England and Wales
  • Cadi Cliff: Co-Editor The Norwich Radical
  • Alex Valente: Co-Editor The Norwich Radical
  • Rowan Gavin: Student Sub-Editor The Norwich Radical
  • Carmina Masoliver: Poet, and writer for The Norwich Radical
  • Hannah Garrard: Writer The Norwich Radical
  • Olivia Hanks: Writer The Norwich Radical
  • Lewis Martin: Writer The Norwich Radical
  • Alice Thompson: Writer The Norwich Radical
  • Rik Worth: Writer The Norwich Radical and The Free Think Tank
  • James Anthony: Writer The Norwich Radical
  • Eli Lambe: Writer The Norwich Radical
  • Sara Harrington: Illustrator, musician and writer
  • Alex Powell: Writer and Academic
  • Sophia Akram: Freelance Journalist and Researcher
  • Sandra Bogelein: Green Party Councillor
  • Rachel Collinson: Business Spokesperson Green Party of England and Wales
  • Angela Ditchfield: SPEAK Network
  • Tom Watson: Author, Journalist and Consultant
  • Amy Hall: Freelance journalist
  • Mike Vinti: Senior Editorial Assistant Notion Magazine
  • Lucy Miller: Editor The National Student
  • Elena: Kicking the Kyriarchy
  • Sid: Kicking the Kyriarchy
  • Mike Doherty: Editor Travellers' Times
  • Tamara Micner: Freelance Journalist and Writer
  • Bradley Alsop: Co-editor Bright Green
  • Liam Ward: Press Officer
  • Keith Taylor MEP: Green Party MEP for the South East
  • Jack Godfrey: Freelance artist and writer

Organisational Signatories:

  • Consented
  • STRIKE! Magazine
  • Refugee Radio
  • Hummingbird Project
  • English Disco Lovers