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Student Trustee election results 2020

People & Planet is a democratic and student-led network - each year we hold elections for students to join our trustee broad. The 2020 student trustee elections  took place from the 20th February to 1st March.

How do the elections work?

Voting is done using proportional representation, using the Single Transferable Vote system which is a system of ranking candidates in order of preference so that the candidates with the broadest support win. Check out this short video from Southampton Students' Union which explains the Single Transferable Vote system in 2 minutes with Homer Simpson!

who are our new student trustees?

We had four amazing candidates to join our student trustee board, with three places available. The winning candidates are below and will start their 30-month terms in July 2020.

Maddie bromfield, university of edinburgh

I’m Maddie, a music student from the University of Edinburgh. I have been actively campaigning with People and Planet for the last two years as well as being a regional organiser for Scotland, and feel that my experience would help the Board of Trustees to keep the organisation in line with its mission of empowering students to make a change.

I strongly believe in the power of democratic, non-hierarchical organising and the need to work in solidarity with others in order to create a broad, inclusive and strong movement. As a student trustee I would help to ensure that these values remain central to the work of People and Planet. Being a regional organiser has given me valuable experience of taking on an organisational role, making decisions as part of a team and maintaining communication with others. These are all skills which I would bring to the role of trustee. In addition, my role as treasurer for People and Planet Edinburgh has given me experience of financial responsibility and fundraising, as well as an understanding of what it means to be accountable to a group. Having been involved in other campaigns on campus as well as in the wider community, I have gained insights into a variety of causes, from the climate strikes to solidarity with striking lecturers. I feel that this experience would benefit the organisation, allowing us to not only focus on our mission, but to also be aware of our contribution to wider social and environmental struggles.

George Buskell, university of surrey

My name is George Buskell (he/him), I am the outgoing VP/Secretary of University of Surrey People and Planet. I have a strong history of student campaigning over the past 3 years or so, having previously been the Co-Chair of Surrey Cut the Rent, the Trade Union officer of Surrey Labour Students and have worked closely with RENT STRIKE. I have also been strongly involved in Student-Staff Solidarity work and in Student Media, as junior and features editor of the Surrey Politics Journal 'Incite'. I am no stranger to activism and indeed the administrative work that goes along with it, and I would love to be your next People and Planet Student Trustee! In my time organising with People and Planet I have led numerous workshops and even started up our own 'Arms Off Campus' campaign, aiming to bring in anti-arms trade and global solidarity into our campaigning.

I am a highly motivated campaigner who has been deeply inspired by the great work that People and Planet has been doing nationwide and would love the opportunity to give back to the organisation. Over my 3 or so years experience working with Social and Climate Justice campaigning I have acquired a wide set of skills that would enable me to carry out the role effectively and with care. I am deeply passionate about Climate Justice and People and Planet and would be honoured to help carry on the amazing work that it's been doing over the past few decades.


Paula Lacey, University of Edinburgh

I joined P&P in first year, and it quickly absorbed my life. After a successful divestment campaign won in February 2018, our group supported the 2018 UCU pensions strike by participating in a six week occupation, and the following academic year whilst I was society president we ran an awareness campaign around climate refugee issues, alongside organising marches on the Scottish Parliament to protest Scotland's oil industry. I was the Scottish Regional Organiser 2018/19, organised Scotland's regional event in October 2018, and delivered workshops at Power Shift 2019, all of which enabled me to connect with amazing activists through the P&P network. I am currently on my year abroad in Canada, where I am a member of Climate Justice Action McGill (CJAM), who helped organise for the Montreal climate march (the largest march in the history of Quebec!), and I am also part of Divest McGill.

Being in P&P has taught me so much about campaigning, having conviction in my politics and generally being a decent human being. I would hope to bring to the board my perspective as an experienced student activist, my true belief that intersectional collective organising is the only way to bring about effective change, and above all my deep care for and desire to give back to the organisation that has brought so much to my university life.

(PS in the pic I'm reading something off my phone, not scrolling through Twitter, I swear)